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the Togo sofa by Ligne Roset

A sofa is like the all-rounder. Whether it is to receive guests, to relax or to enjoy a good book, it is always useful. The Togo sofa, from a Ligne Roset collection, perfectly meets these functions. The Togo sofa, a success story that marks the world of interior design.

Line Roset Mini Togo
Mini Togo (L 61 x D 68 x H 46 cm) – Ligne Roset –

History of the Togo sofa

Since it was created in 1973, the Togo sofa has never ceased to seduce fans of original furniture. This unusual and unique furniture was imagined by designer Michael Ducaroy for the famous Ligne Roset. It is a French company specializing in the manufacture of furniture. The manufacturing processes of the workshops located in Ain highlight the artisanal know-how. The famous folds of the Togo sofa attest to this!

The overflowing imagination of Michael Ducaroy materialized by the realization of a singular piece of furniture with particular lines. After 46 years of existence, the Togo sofa still retains its authentic side and distinguished allure.

Innovative design


The lines of the Togo sofa by Ligne Roset distinguish it from any other furniture. In the mid-1970s, this innovative design set it apart from all creations. One of a kind, this piece of furniture is causing a sensation in the world of interior furnishings. His tense appearance makes all its charm. Its crumpled look sets it apart from ready-made and well-crafted furniture. It is precisely its wrinkled, even crumpled appearance that makes it a unique decorative element.

ROSET TOGO LINE vintage advertising
ROSET TOGO LINE vintage advertising

Designed without feet, the Togo sofa is one of the great innovations in furniture.
We also like the sustained comfort and softness offered by the foam of its internal structure which combines three different densities. The quilted polyester wadding cover is oversized to conform to the shape of the body.

A best-selling sofa

The cult foundation of the seventies has come a long way in building its reputation today. After having produced his greatest masterpiece, the talented Michael Ducaroy presents the legendary Togo sofa at the Salon des Arts Ménagers at the Palais de la Défense in Paris. Despite the praise and the particularity of the book, the sofa is far from arousing the expected enthusiasm. However, he managed to win the René-Gabriel Prize, an award dedicated to ” innovative and democratic furniture “. The Ligne Roset company does not let itself be discouraged and continues to innovate its product, offering different shapes, colors and finishes. Thanks to numerous requests from all over the world, the Togo sofa has sold over a million copies.

Comfortable furniture

ROSET TOGO LINE classic living room
ROSET TOGO LINE classic living room

Apart from its aesthetic side, the Togo sofa by Ligne Roset is also appreciated for the comfort it provides. Soft and mellow, it is perfect for nap or reading enthusiasts. Fully padded, this piece of furniture offers particularly pleasant sitting. It owes this convenience to its structure and components. Indeed, the Togo sofa is made of foams of different densities: two kinds of polyether foam and a high resilience polyurethane foam. All this padding is wrapped in a cover lined with polyester wadding.

A Togo sofa for every space


The Togo sofa takes its original shape from a cushion seat. Over the years, its creator offers models inspired by the original model. Currently, this piece of furniture is available in different forms. The Togo sofa can be in the form of a two, three or four-seater seat. For large spaces, the collection offers a corner sofa majestic. It thus becomes the centerpiece of the living room. For a more discreet effect, opt for the Togo sofa version fireside chair or bench to be installed near the fireplace. There are also poufs of the same type for a minimalist version.

Leather or fabric?

Currently, the Togo sofa is designed in different materials. The upholstery remains the same, only the upholstery and the cover differ from one sofa to another. As the Togo sofa is characterized above all for its comfortable appearance, the polyester wadding covers are to be favored. This synthetic fiber is exceptionally elastic and ideal for the seat or backrest. Noble and elegant, the leather couch adapts to all styles, depending on its color. To give a touch of refinement to the decoration, opt for the velvet Togo sofa. Tender and aesthetic, it imposes itself with chic in any living room.

The Togo sofa for all styles

This innovative piece of furniture is suitable for any interior.

  • In an industrial house

The Togo sofa brightens up the industrial house with authenticity. This piece of furniture goes perfectly with the New York loft atmosphere to give a unique character to the living room. In order to transform the interior by giving it a “factory” or workshop style, nothing better than a Togo leather sofa.

  • For a cocooning and vintage interior

At first glance, it is obvious the Togo sofa advocates comfort and pleasure. For a cocooning vintage interior, this is the piece of furniture to get at all costs. Without any bones or hard parts, it promotes relaxation and decompression. For a cozy effect, opt for the Togo sofa in velvet or polyester wadding. This flagship piece of furniture from the 70s represents vintage furniture par excellence.

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