Cuisine minimaliste avec teintes grises et bleues

The prettiest blue kitchen ideas

A blue kitchen is rarely encountered, it is unique and unprecedented. It is about balancing the shades of blue with other shades to give a chic. Painting the walls, changing the splashback, the floor, adding wood materials, touches of metal are all good ideas.

Dark blue

The dark shades of blue are reminiscent of images of the sky and the sea. Petrol blue and navy blue are among them. Even if they are cool shades, everyone is able to apprehend the beauty and the natural lightness they evoke. Blue is especially suitable when the kitchen is next to the living rooms. It’s about a open kitchen. Therefore, it is used to optimize space and to facilitate travel. Dark blue becomes even cooler in combination with white tiles. It pairs perfectly with light shades of taupe, gray and beige.


Kitchen in dark blue
Choosing dark blue for your kitchen – IKEA

Blue associated with white marble or stone

For a more stylish result, this combination is a great idea. THE’addition of materials, such as rock and the marble, gives a distinguished appearance to the kitchen. Indeed, the navy blue on the cabinets enhances the white marble of the worktop. In addition, the addition of copper shiny gives elegance to the space.

Blue and white kitchen

The food white and blue meet regularly.

The kitchen can be divided in two, according to its layout:

  • Low furniture, i.e. the floor and downstairs cupboards, in white ;
  • High furniture, so the ceiling, walls and upper cupboards, in blue.

In addition, the blue can harmonize perfectly with a bandaged white in color, yellow and green tones. The marble benchtop is unique and elegant.

To cope with the coldness of these two colors, it is necessary to rely on warm materials as the drink : shelves, stools, parquet and furniture can be in light wood. These cool colors contrast beautifully with warm colors, such as orange and yellow. However, these colors refresh a kitchen with hotplates or an oven.

Light blue kitchen

Speaking of light blue, it’s common to immediately think of gray blue, pastel blue, cyan blue, and petroleum. They evoke the pure water of mountain streams. Moreover, they give off a feeling of cleanliness in a kitchen. This feeling is important in such a room. These colors go perfectly with the Chestnut. For a vintage style, these two shades are perfect. They can also be suitable for a large, warm and rustic kitchen.

How to incorporate the color blue?

To revamp the food without wanting to change everything, use self-adhesive panels blue in color seems like a good idea. In addition, they can be repositioned if their original location is not convincing. In addition to the self-adhesive panels for the makeover, the repainting the walls can also be produced or replaced by the change of kitchen splashback. To add a more understated touch of blue, cement tiles are an ideal solution, as they are very decorative.

Blue colored cement tiles
Patterned cement tiles – Mini Labo x Bahya

In addition, few people want to paint a kitchen completely blue. As a result, the furniture, the splashback, part of the walls, the doors of the kitchen furniture or the floor can be blue. At the same time, it is necessary take into account the paintings of the worktop and the materials associated with these tones inside the room. For example, if the kitchen furniture is blue in color, you need to add touches of wood. For a turquoise blue splashback that evokes the sea horizon, the Pacific and the lagoons, red chairs will recall coral. In addition, paint a central island is a nice decorative idea not to touch. In an equipped kitchen, household appliances and decorative objects can also add discreet touches of blue.

Duck and wood blue kitchen

For fans of blue and green, the blue Duck is the ideal solution. This color and the dark wood harmonize wonderfully. It is to know that the shades of duck blue adapt to the kitchens of traditional style as well as those with a modern design. The kitchen cupboards in duck blue adopt geometric shapes precise.

Indigo blue kitchen

The colour indigo blue can be perfectly combined with the accessories of modern style decoration. It can just as easily cover simple cupboards, and constitutes a kitchen decoration worthy of the latest trends.

Turquoise blue and gray

This color combination is ideal for mural, including the kitchen walls. After painting, matt finishes can be added to give aesthetics to the walls, especially for a minimalist style. In addition, the splashback and the cupboard doors can be in turquoise blue tiles. In the event that the charcoal grey is used, it is advisable toopt for light shades of turquoise. On the other hand, saturated blue green creates an aesthetic contrast with light gray, and makes the kitchen brighter.

Blue kitchen with metal touches

To obtain a contemporary kitchen and a cold atmosphere, touches of metal can be present on the steel accessories, door handles and silver hood. The pretty handles must have a brass finish to ensure a unique style.

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