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Practical and trendy kitchen bars

To make a kitchen more convivial, installing a bar is the ideal solution. Allowing to enhance the decoration of the kitchen while providing additional space for a meal or a drink, the kitchen bar has become very trendy. How to install it? The answers in this guide.

The preliminary preparations

natural stone worktop
Worktop and bar Terra Collection Black Hebenum by Cupa Stone in natural stones

Before starting work, you must provide all the tools and materials necessary for the construction of the kitchen bar. The very first step is to determine the location where the bar counter will be installed..


white kitchen with bar
Bright atmosphere for a fully open white kitchen with a bar also serving as a worktop and a matching dining room – LAPEYRE

Keep in mind that this should not interfere with circulation in the kitchen. It is therefore necessary to provide at least 80 cm of circulation between the rest of the kitchen and the bar. In addition, to prevent the construction from obstructing the opening of household appliances or furniture located around, the following standards must be observed:

  • Keep a space of at least 80 cm between the floor and the worktop. This space will allow you to add storage and shelves.
  • The platform must be installed one meter from the ground. Above 1.15 meters in height, it will not be very practical to have lunch on the kitchen bar.
Ergonomic work surface
Worktop with ergonomic bar function – CUISINE PLUS

To build the kitchen bar, you must plan:

  • plaster tiles;
  • plaster glue;
  • a bracket ;
  • a plumb line;
  • an electric screwdriver;
  • a circular saw;
  • a sander;
  • paint ;
  • a grinder;
  • a hammer ;
  • a chisel;
  • a tape measure.

The number of boards should be proportional to the length and width of the board. Their thickness should be 5 cm.

 open kitchen with a bar
The charm of an open kitchen with a bar – Ixina

To ensure that you have taken the right measures and to avoid mistakes, it is advisable to make a cardboard model that allows you to preview the final result before starting construction. This precaution also makes it possible to make any adjustments upstream of the work.

Construction of the bar

Space saving kitchen with bar
Space saving kitchen – Mobalpa

The work will be simpler if the kitchen already has an island. Indeed, it will then suffice to manufacture the tray. It is necessary to ensure that the facade of the bar is in harmony with the rest of the kitchen and the living room (furniture, walls, etc.) since the bar will be a point of transition between these two rooms (in particular for the the case of American-style kitchens).

Kitchen bar connected to an island
Kitchen bar connected to its island – Ixina

To put in place the plaster tile partition, you have to make a notch large enough in the wall so that they can fit into it. It is then necessary to make sure that the wall has no pipes or electrical conduits. Cutting the wall must be done using suitable equipment such as a jigsaw. To make it straight, it is advisable to draw lines and fix wooden battens to them which will serve as a guide.

 KITCHEN Brico Dépôt
Kitchen Stella – Brico Dépôt

After making the groove in the wall, apply plaster glue. Then lay the plaster tiles by coating them with glue and making sure that they are perfectly horizontal and straight. To align them, tap them with a wooden or rubber mallet. Excess glue should be removed with a trowel. After installing the first row of tiles, repeat the operation up to the height of the table top.

The installation of the tray

Kitchen Nina - Brico depot
Kitchen Nina – Brico depot

After the assembly of the partition comes the installation of the top and the work plan which will be on the side of the kitchen. For the sake of convenience, these two structures should not be of the same height. On the other hand, both must have the same width (approximately 50 cm). The distance from the edge of the tabletop to the partition of plaster tiles should be 25 cm. To ensure the resistance of the top and the worktop, it is advisable to choose a fairly robust material combining practicality and aesthetics. Solid wood is a wise choice to add character to the kitchen bar.

KITCHEN Brico Dépôt
Mezzo kitchen – Brico Dépôt

Before fixing the table top, it is important to treat the wood with a suitable product. It can be an oil or a stain remover depending on the desired effect. Once the top and the worktop have been cut out, it remains to fix them to the supporting structure using brackets or fixing brackets. Then screw in the brackets or the fixing brackets. It is recommended to use wall plugs for the fixings at the level of the plaster tiles and the screws for those at the level of the table top and the worktop.

Kitchen bar by Camille Hermand Architectures
Island style kitchen bar by Camille Hermand Architectures


The last step in the manufacture of the kitchen bar is the finishing. To do this, sand the wall once the glue is perfectly dry. It must then be covered with plaster using a spatula to obtain a smooth finish. Once the plaster is dry, proceed to sanding. Finally, you have to paint the bar in the color of your choice.

Wooden wall covering for kitchen
The bar is matched with a wooden wall covering for the kitchen – Ô MUR

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