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How to arrange a designer kitchen at home?

The kitchen is the heart of the house. For a style that is both modern and authentic, it is recommended to furnish it in a designer style. How? ‘Or’ What ? Just combine the right colors, the right materials, and you’re done! Some tips for getting a designer kitchen.

Mix the right materials

A designer kitchen does not require specific materials. All desires are allowed, provided a certain visual balance is respected. A harmonious play of matter is indeed essential to have a contemporary and modern kitchen.

Wood or plywood in the kitchen

plywood kitchen
Plywood kitchen – STUDIO HEJU

Noble and authentic, wood is to be used in small touches in the designer kitchen, to avoid the too rustic or country side. It should be noted that the smooth finishes are better suited to this type of arrangement for a more refined effect. However, thanks to the light-colored species it is possible to opt for wood with a special mention for plywood, which has been very successful in recent years.


minimalist kitchen Mobalpa
Raw gray concrete effect floor for refined kitchen – Mobalpa EPURE kitchen

Often shunned because of its cold connotation, concrete is today the flagship material of contemporary decoration enthusiasts. It stands out with style in the kitchen to give it a designer style. On the walls or on the floor, it looks good. What’s more, it blends easily with other materials. You just need to choose a neutral color for a successful design, but for more personality, concrete, preferably marine, is dyed in the mass in increasingly dark shades. Material effect paints are an excellent alternative in the context of a renovation or for tenants who do not want or can not incur large costs.


glass kitchen splashback
Kitchen with glass splashback detail – MOBALPA

For an immediate design effect, glass is a good alternative. It brings a remarkable luminosity to the room. Besides its aesthetic side, it is also very resistant and ideal for the worktop. Glossy or frosted, elegant and luminous, glass can be found in the kitchen in several forms. It can dress up facades, credenza, shelves or storage cupboards. Among the different types, tempered glass remains the most suitable for the kitchen.

Stainless steel

brushed stainless steel splashback
Brushed stainless steel splashback – Cuisine Plus, Natty model

Stainless steel is the kitchen material par excellence. Indeed, it looks like all the features required to fit this room. Symbol of professionalism, it dresses the kitchens of great chefs with subtlety. However, nothing prevents individuals from adopting it. Easy to clean, it is suitable for all kinds of arrangements.


quartzite worktop
Natural stone countertop Quartzites Sensa by Cosentino

This natural and decorative material adapts to all styles and rooms. Noble and chic, stone sublimates the kitchen by giving it an original touch. Among all types of stone, the marble remains the most elegant. Its veiny and icy aspect goes perfectly with the design decoration. However, other stones like granite, quartz or slate are also interesting.

Use the right colors

Dark green handleless kitchen
Deep mat blue and gold kitchen – Meubles Superfont

A designer kitchen relies heavily on colors. To start off on a good basis, it is advisable to dominate neutral colors, such as black, white or gray. The ideal is to use only two shades, for example white, with a few touches of light blue, purple, or mustard yellow. As each shade brings its own energy, the colors are to be chosen according to the personality of each one. However, playing on a triad of colors is also allowed. It is enough to respect certain rules:

matt pastel green kitchen
Matte pastel green kitchen – Socooc Mix

Opt for an open kitchen

The designer kitchen is also synonymous with conviviality. For a warm interior, there is nothing better than opening up spaces. In designer interiors, partitions are rare. To gain in modernity, it is recommended open the kitchen to the living room or the dining room. In order for the different compartments to come together harmoniously, it is necessary standardize decoration styles.

kitchen with openwork partition
A kitchen with an openwork partition – Leroy Merlin

To delimit the spaces, it is possible to provide an island in length, a dresser or a glass roof. In addition to expanding the space, the open kitchen has indisputable advantages from a practical and aesthetic point of view. It facilitates circulation in the house while improving light.

Optimize storage

Matte black kitchen
Multiply storage space and remove handles: purity and elegance are key – Matte black kitchen Mobalpa ESTHETE

A designer kitchen promotes order above all else. Every piece of furniture, every appliance and every utensil must be in the right place. To do this, we must promote storage spaces. It is advisable to plan storage boxes, to install hanging cupboards and shelves
to avoid the mess. The work plan must always be clear to the maximum. Household products should be stored in the laundry room, never in the kitchen. Finally, cleaning is required regularly.

Pay attention to details

STUDIO HEJU Kitchen Gabrielle terrazzo
Terrazzo for the splashback, small jewelry handles and plywood blond wood for the kitchen because every detail counts – Kitchen Gabrielle STUDIO HEJU

In the design spirit, every detail counts. Nothing should be left to chance. Therefore, furniture must be chosen with care.
Block furniture are to be favored. Indeed, in modern kitchens, it is rare to find furniture in every corner. Thus, prefer large wall cupboards to collect all the utensils. Furniture with handles should also be avoided as much as possible. Opt instead for cupboards with sliding doors. It is the same for doors and windows. Large geometric shapes, asymmetries and graphics should also be prioritized. Conversely, microscopic patterns are to be avoided. In a designer kitchen, shapes and details are put forward.

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