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Why go hunting for a Venetian mirror in flea markets for your decoration?

the mirror is a decorative element both aesthetic and practical. For a decor that lacks character, what better way than to introduce the majestic beauty of a venetian mirror? Stemming from the famous artistic creations of yesteryear, lovers of luxury have succumbed to its charm, and this charm has not yet been broken.

Venetian mirror - Maisons du Monde
Venetian mirror “Casanova”, 101 x 141 cm – Maisons du Monde

A little tour in the history of mirrors

The discovery of mirror glass was a great revolution in mirrors during the XVIth century. Venice has however forged its reputation by developing new glassmaking techniques. Indeed, Venetian artists have designed innovative manufacturing recipes. These methods have therefore opened up new possibilities for the use of the mirror. Thus, Italy for a long time dominated the mirroring market across Europe.


Venetian mirror for shabby bathroom
Venetian mirror for shabby chic bathroom, “Trier”, 80 x 77 cm, Loberon.fr

At first conceived with wood, the design of the models evolved over time. Subsequently, manufacturers gradually took inspiration from the spirit Gothic and some Renaissance.
The frames in the form of columns, of pediments, of pearls, of acanthus leaves and various ornamentations were then born. Since then, mirror manufacturing has continued to progress to reach the absolute level of finesse. The development is ongoing to match larger surfaces and adapt to the interior design. The venetian mirrors, thanks to their unparalleled charm and artistic appearance, have dressed the walls of great aristocratic palaces of yesteryear. Currently present in large luxury hotels, they are also highly coveted in interior decoration.

Styles and shapes: a wide spectrum of choices

Venetian mirror in a bedroom
Venetian mirror “Trier”, 80 x 77 cm, Loberon.fr

Designers have more than one trick up their sleeve. To its great advantage, the Venetian mirror comes in several forms with different framing models to meet all the decorative criteria of each. It is therefore a decorative accessory suitable for all styles of a room, whatever it is: water room or bedroom, entrance and even dining room. The range is indeed wide, even unlimited.
Between the very ancient models and those which are more contemporary, the only criterion of choice imposed is the taste. the Venetian mirror comes in different aspects : round, oval, square, rectangular and a multitude of irregular shapes.

Venetian mirror
Mirror as a tribute to the Venetian style, “Macaire”, 68 x 48 cm, Loberon.fr

In addition, the ornamental palette of frames is never short of patterns: flower designs, stone imitations, geometric shapes, decorative engravings, etc. In addition, there are many designs for the frame: beveled, polished, serious, in cut glass, chiseled, etc. This mirror is appreciated for its side sparkling. It actually sports a silver, gold or bronze dress. Several touches of color sometimes come to dress the framing of certain models.

An elegant decorative touch

Venetian mirror
Venetian mirror “Venetian”, 70 x 90 cm, Maisons du Monde

the venetian mirror is particularly appreciated for its sumptuous and elegant side. Considered a top-of-the-range decorative element, today almost on its own embodying the shabby chic spirit, it symbolizes the beauty and luxury of yesteryear.
Its peculiarity lies in its remarkable level of finish with which it has seduced the world in large palaces and luxury hotels. Hang a venetian mirror on its wall allows you to invite the elegance of yesteryear into your home. This mirror is a safe bet that only has advantages: its great asset lies in the unique cachet and character that it adds to the room, but you have to know how to adapt it to a modern interior to do not fall into the museum decoration.

venetian mirror
Grandson of a Venetian mirror, this “Montfeau” mirror takes on the spirit of etched glass with a little shabby chic side in its wiser floral ornament and bevelled edges, 36 x 22 cm, Loberon.fr

If the atmosphere of a room lacks structure or pep’s, its magnificent shapes accompanied by its ornamentations will save it all. From its looks, it is perfect for a Baroque style and antique, but would also be in its place in a ultra design decor. Interior contemporary classic will also have its share of elegance with models inspired by the Art Deco trend.
In addition, a silver or gold Venetian mirror is a perfect accessory for illuminate a sober atmosphere without betraying her. It is also in the theme if the room is bright. An old style patinated in aged black also boosts the effect of a vintage decoration. A wall model adorned with colors is suitable if the tones are vivid and is ideal for brighten up dark walls.
Its presence would not betray an offbeat decoration either. On the contrary, it will add a little note of elegance which will make all the charm.

A timeless trend

Zara Home venetian mirror
Venetian mirror revised by Zara Home: we keep the form and evocation but we remove the excessive frills. A success ! (Bottom mirror: 56 x 90 cm)

The Venetian artistic creation Renaissance era has always been able to impose itself over the centuries, a timeless trend that never ceases to amaze its followers. Being an emblematic figure of the luxury of the past, it reflects a great ancestral tradition and quality craftsmanship.
If, however, you are looking for a more humble mirror, it is always possible to find another type that is currently very popular: the barber mirror. New or old, its retro spirit with its triptych framed in metal and its chain to hang it everywhere adapts to all types of interiors.

Loberon venetian mirror
On the left, “Fomerey” Venetian mirror, 100 x 50 cm, on the right, “Morbihan” mirror, window style with latticework with iron frame, 140 x 80 cm, Loberon.fr

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