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Tips for a successful decor with dark colors

Rare are those who dare dark colors in their decor. Often associated with sobriety, they have the bad reputation of tarnishing the mood or downplaying a room. Yet, with the right foundations, they prove to be flattering, elegant and sumptuous. Some tips for a successful decor with dark colors.

The originality of dark colors

When thinking about their decor, homeowners often turn to classic colors, for fear of making the wrong choices. They avoid dark colors as much as possible, especially on the walls. Yet these hues turn out original and very aesthetic, when they are correctly integrated into the decor. With the right foundations and ingenuity, they create an authentic atmosphere, ideal for giving character to its interior. However, before adopting them at home, it is advisable to think about the harmony of the decoration. The whole must appear structured and well studied. The rendering must be fluid and pleasant to avoid feeling landlocked or darkening the room.

Playing with light

Light plays an important role in decoration. It contributes to the conviviality of the room and to the success of the layout. The problem with dark colors is that they tend to suck it up. Even if it is often difficult to adopt these shades, it is still doable. You just have to bet on good lighting. For example, it is possible to have ceiling spotlights to make the atmosphere homogeneous. Thus, even the corners of the room can benefit from the lighting. The hanging bulbs also represent good compromises, provided you choose a brightness adapted to the volume of the room. In a living room with dark walls, it is possible to opt for a chandelier and some light spots. To achieve a successful layout with dark colors, large openings are strongly recommended. In order to achieve this, it is possible to replace the windows with bay windows. These are the best alternatives for bringing light into your home. In addition, they bring style to the decoration.

Combine dark colors with other shades

Adopting dark colors in your interior does not mean putting other shades aside. On the contrary, it is strongly recommended to combine them with light colors to reveal their beauty. Indeed, it is not really a question of good or bad colors. All the colors have their own character and are beautiful in their own way, whether they are strong and original or rather classic and sober. The appreciation of a color is subjective, as it varies from person to person. On the other hand, certain combinations of colors can give an awkward rendering. For a harmonious decoration, dark colors should be combined with other shades.

  • Pastel colors: soft and soothing, they attenuate the side causing dark colors. They bring cheerfulness and good humor in a sober decoration. In addition, they come in different shades: chick yellow, cloud blue, light pink, water green and many others.
  • Mustard yellow: its liveliness suits all styles. No matter what dark color you use, mustard yellow knows how to stand out in the decor, bringing the sun wherever it goes. Dynamic and vibrant, it boosts a dark decoration.
  • Nude colors: very trendy, they are suitable for those who want a neutral decoration, without too many contrasts. Nude pink is the quintessential example of this type of shade. It is also the most popular. However, it is possible to use other shades of nude such as beige or sand.

Use dark colors well

Dark colors are generally shunned in decoration. However, they are the most beautiful effect, when they are used wisely. An interior dressed in dark colors often refers to walls painted in black, dark gray or midnight blue. At first glance, this idea seems too risky. However, the result may come as a surprise. To be intimidated by the connotations of dark colors is to limit your creativity. A facade in black there is nothing monotonous in the dining room, when it is enlivened by a large colorful picture. This type of arrangement promises to be as elegant as it is sumptuous. You just have to choose the finish that suits everyone’s desires. Matte, shiny, earthy, smooth, or satin finish, it all depends on the desired effect and individual tastes.

Dark colors to adopt at home

The dark color palette includes several shades and different shades. The most popular is black. Victim of a sad and sober connotation, black can nevertheless give a certain intensity to the room. He modernize decor and creates a graphic atmosphere. The same goes for midnight blue and dark gray. They allow you to structure a large room for reduce the feeling of emptiness. For a decoration that is both refined and refined, dare less common dark colors, such as malaga red, eggplant or emerald green. This type of color enhances noble materials such as silk, linen, velvets, marble or wood.

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