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How to use pastel yellow in its decoration?

Yellow is a warm shade that rhymes with good humor and tranquility. Available in several shades, ranging from light to dark, it brightens up trendy and modern interiors. Among the color palette, pastel yellow stands out and is making a strong comeback in the world of decoration. Repainted walls, pastel yellow decorative accessories or a total look… anything goes with this shade. Focus on decorating tips to make good use of this color of the sun.

Adopt pastel yellow in the living room

The pastel yellow hue can be adopted in every room of the house. In order for it to have the power to brighten up a living room, a few rules must be observed: decorative elements must be emphasized.

  • Pastel yellow walls are allowed!
Colorful vibrant yellow and orange bedroom - IKEA
Colorful pastel yellow bedroom enhanced with terracotta – IKEA

The color of the walls is probably the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to interior design. The pastel yellow shade is perfect for brightening up a living room. Both warm and luminous, this shade adapts to all decorative styles, from the most daring to the minimalist style. In solid color or in patterned wallpaper, various possibilities exist. The only thing to remember is to match the colors with the furnishings and decorative accessories. Indeed, the latter must be of a different color to accentuate the contrasts, especially with regard to the furniture.

  • Pastel colored curtains

Apart from the walls, the upholstery can also come into the pastel yellow theme. Thick curtains, sheer veils and sofa covers in this shade will add more sparkle to the living area. As for the curtains, they will go perfectly with walls of the same color or in a slightly lighter shade. However, to play properly with pastel colors, it is possible match yellow walls with curtains of another color like green or pastel blue. This choice is particularly ideal for an exotic inspired decoration. There is also a selection of curtains for a very designer and trendy living room. The key is to avoid falling into the too much at the risk of transforming the room into a giant candy room.

For those who prefer to limit themselves to a few touches of pastel yellow in the decoration of their living room, accessories are essential. To do this, there is an array of choices like sofa cushions, upholstery, knickknacks, ceramic vases, natural or artificial flowers, fleece stools and much more. To put it simply, you just need to have pastel yellow objects in the living room, without overdoing them!

A pastel yellow guest bedroom: comfortable and warm

Blomkal louison cannage bed
Louison bed by Blomkal: when the furniture also turns pastel yellow.

Looking for color to decorate a guest room? The pastel yellow hue is ideal to adorn this living room. At a time neutral and elegant, this shade is suitable for all tastes. From walls to curtains to bed covers, every element in the bedroom can be chosen in a pastel yellow tone. In this way, the decoration will be both warm and friendly in this room intended to accommodate friends and close relatives.

Pastel yellow kitchen – Benjamin Moore 2020 paint

Generally, in houses that have an extra bedroom, it is often difficult to find the ideal decoration. The challenge is to choose a color that doesn’t feel cold and impersonal. The pastel yellow color is therefore ideal for offering this warm note so sought after.

Other tips are also offered to properly arrange a guest room. In particular, it is a matter of limiting yourself to a few touches of pastel yellow here and there: vase, pillow, bedside … Objects intended to give life to the room without saturating it too much.

Dare the total yellow look for a decadent style!

Lemon curd painting by 1825 Theodore Collection
Lemon curd painting by Peintures 1825: a variation around pastel yellow.

For those who are not afraid of the total look, the color yellow is perfect to boost interior decoration. Thanks to this shade, the result is lively and dynamic, combining joie de vivre and recklessness. This type of arrangement is ideal for those who appreciate extravagance and originality. Be careful, however, because a total yellow look risks attacking the eyes of those who are not used to it. Nevertheless, it gives a particular and decadent allure to every room, especially in a living room.

To play correctly on the total look yellow, you need to know harmonize colors. What shade of yellow is suitable for a particular part of the room? In a living room, for example, the walls should be pastel yellow while the furniture and decor can be chosen in brighter tones. Egg-yellow armchairs and sofa are perfect for playing on the contrast of light on dark. It is also possible to add keys of electric color to establish a decadent style. To soften the liveliness of yellow, the carpet as well as the curtains can be selected in pastel shades.

Art Deco living room in yellow and gold
Living room in yellow and gold – Ambiance Red Edition

For trinkets and chandeliers, the golden is highly recommended. In this way, the play of colors will be finely worked and will bring out a warm atmosphere, but also friendly. This decoration is intended for those who wish to personalize their living room or their living room, or why not their bedroom.

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