Les lois à connaître pour l'installation d'un abri de jardin chez soi

Garden shed or chalet: what does the law say?

Storage of gardening tools, real living room, workshop … A garden shed or chalet has many functions! But beware, its construction is subject to regulations dictated by the town planning code and sometimes even to a development tax which must be read before any installation.

What are the town planning regulations to know before building or installing a garden shed?

What to know before installing your garden shed
Know the law before installing a garden shed – Photo credit: Pixabay.com

The surface of the garden shed or chalet, the materials from which it is made and its future location are the key elements determining to have a shelter.
The shelter should only be chosen after having consulted the Local Urban Planning Plan (PLU) and the Land Use Plan (POS) of the municipality.
In protected or classified areas, architectural standards may be imposed (colors, shape, materials, etc.), just as in housing estates or condominiums. It is therefore preferable to obtain information and carry out the administrative procedures with the municipality at least one month before construction, if it only requires a prior declaration of the work, and 3 months before, if a building permit is required. build, which corresponds to the timeframe for examining the file before agreement.
Keep in mind that a distance of at least 3 meters must be respected between the construction and the neighborhood, this parameter may vary according to specific regulations, in particular in the context of a subdivision.


Urban planning authorizations for the construction of a garden shed or chalet depending on its surface

when to declare a garden shed?
5, 10 or 20 m²: when to declare a garden shed? – Photo credit: Pixabay.com
  • Construction of a garden shed with a surface area of ​​less than 5m²

If the floor area and the footprint are less than or equal to 5m², no prior authorization is not needed. However, if the height exceeds 12 m, a prior declaration of the work is required.

  • Construction of a garden shed with an area greater than 5 m² and less than 20 m²

To install a garden shed with such a surface area, a prior declaration of work is necessary, even a building permit when the height exceeds 12 m.

  • Construction of a garden shed with an area greater than 20 m²

As soon as the floor area or the footprint exceeds 20 m², a building permit must be granted by the municipality.

Is a garden shed subject to development tax?

The development tax for the garden shed
The development tax for the garden shed – Photo credit: Pixabay.com

What is the development tax?

Introduced in March 2012, this tax is a tax levied by the local authority. It concerns all new constructions or extensions, as well as reconstruction if these are subject to an urban planning authorization, that is to say for a closed and covered surface greater than 5 m² and of a height greater than or equal at 1.80 m.
A garden shed or chalet with a larger surface is therefore subject to this tax.

Development tax: how much does it cost?

The tax notice is sent within 6 months of the construction authorization.
Each year, the fixed value per m² is voted by the local authority. It takes about 753 € per m2 in the provinces and 854 € per m2 in Île-De-France.
A simulator for calculating the famous tax is made available to users on the website of the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities.

Optional exemptions

Garden shelters with a surface area greater than 5 m² subject to prior authorization may, in certain cases, and upon request and then deliberation by the local authority, be exempt from the development tax.
Namely: a penalty of 80% of the amount is applied in the event of ‘forgetting’ of the construction authorization request and lack of declaration.

4 – What are the points to think about when connecting a garden shed?

A simple garden shed is rarely connected to the water or electricity network, on the other hand, a chalet, serving as a living room or an outbuilding could be. It is then necessary to plan to dig trenches for the pipes and to carry out the work respecting the burial depths recommended by standard NF P98-332.
The connection to the meter and the installation of sheaths and electric cables are governed by standard NF C 15-100. If this seems too restrictive, solar lighting can be considered in regions where the climate allows it.

How to properly arrange your garden shed?
How to properly arrange your garden shed? – Photo credit: Pixabay.com

The + decoration: Affirm the decorative side of your garden shed

If no administrative constraint concerns your land, it is possible to customize your garden shed or chalet at will.
Pastel colors for a child’s cabin, retro paint to inspire the seriousness of an office, limed wood, addition of a driftwood barrier and ropes for a marine atmosphere, Scandinavian decor to create a cocoon of serenity where it will be good to take refuge… All you have to do is leave room for your creativity!

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