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Learn to use the color verdigris in its decoration

The colors are available in an infinite number of shades. For green alone, there are dozens of shades. Among the dozens of shades of green is a pastel color that draws towards gray. This is verdigris. Everything about the use of this tender and soft color.

Why choose verdigris?

The choice of colors largely influences the decoration. To succeed without the slightest misstep, verdigris is the color to adopt.

A mixture of gray and green, verdigris is one of the so-called timeless colors. Its sober appearance suitable for all eras. A sure value in decoration, it adapts to all trends. For a timeless decoration, which is not likely to go out of style over the years, opt for verdigris. It is a color that appeals to all ages. Its sober appearance goes with any atmosphere. Varying from light shades to more pronounced shades, verdigris brings a lightly colored touch to the decor, while preserving its neutrality.

  • For a poetic atmosphere
cups and saucers in verdigris
Delicate green tea service – Sostrene Grene

The verdigris underlines an atmosphere dreamy and somewhat romantic. It is ideal for creating a poetic interior. Its soft notes are perfect for those looking for a romantic decoration, worthy of a painting by a great painter. As a base color or dominant color, it promises to be lyrical and complacent. For a successful poetic decor, opt for verdigris on noble and natural materials such as wood, rattan, wool, or linen. In order to make the most of its delicate and subtle appearance, it is advisable to bet on good lighting.

  • The peculiarity of verdigris
Bed and accessories in verdigris
Verdigris bedroom atmosphere – Maisons du Monde

The verdigris symbolizing softness, it is ideal in the bedroom. Indeed, it is one of the colors that promote sleep. Its appearance noticeably calms the mind. This is why this shade is very popular in hospitals and maternity wards. Its softening power establishes a feeling of tranquility. It produces this effect in any room of the house. Its reassuring virtues particularly suitable for baby’s room or the child’s roomwhether it’s a girl or a boy. However, it is quite possible to use this color in the living room, kitchen or bathroom.

How to associate verdigris with other colors?

This shade between green and gray has the power to blend with several colors.

english wallpaper verdigris
Bathroom with verdigris wallpaper – Graham and Brown

For a monochrome effect, opt for a combination of greens, using several shades, including verdigris. Such a framework creates a feeling of freshness in the house. For an even more exhilarating result, it is possible to add a few touches of plants to the decor. On a green wall, or as a painting on a facade, the rendering can only appeal to fans of nature decor. The secret to a successful monochrome decor is to make light shades dominate, like verdigris.

lime green bathroom paint Benjamin Moore 2020
Soft green loves blond wood – Benjamin Moore 2020 paint

The tenderness of verdigris makes it a color that symbolizes harmony and balance, like all pastel shades elsewhere. Timeless, the latter adorn interiors with charm. For a gourmet and sweet decoration, bet on a combination of pastel colors. In the dining room or the kitchen, they create a very warm atmosphere, ideal for those who like to receive. Around a white table, for example, it is possible to arrange multicolored pastel chairs, matched with napkins or the tablecloth. On the walls, a degraded pastel facade looks flattering and original.

The verdigris has the particularity of forming a shock duo with blue. Indeed, the latter awakens the somewhat sleepy side of verdigris. It brings a touch of liveliness to the decor. Be careful, however, you must choose the right shade of blue to match. The ideal is to bet on a pigmented blue, like duck blue or petrol blue. Both fresh and deep, this kind of shade creates a more imposing atmosphere, while preserving a sober side. For the decoration, it is advisable to use the blue in small touches like on the cushions or the rugs.

The verdigris on the walls

Zellige verdigris
Verdigris wall tiles – Leroy Merlin

To dress the walls, nothing like a verdigris paint. In order to create a little cocooning corner, opt for an eggshell finish. Powdery and sweet, it promises an exquisite and delicate finish. In the hallway, the verdigris is also a sensation. It is also the color to favor in small or dark spaces. Indeed, the verdigris visually enlarges. It is also possible to adopt verdigris as a wallpaper. Currently, manufacturers offer a multitude of textures and finishes. For a tropical style interior, bet on wallpaper with vegetal patterns. There are also feather print wallpapers designed for fans of the nature deco.

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