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Choosing imitations of cement tiles for your interior decoration

Modernized old-fashioned flooring. This is the advantage of cement tiles to seduce and stay trendy. In addition to their originality, the cement tiles demonstrate an ideal simplicity and practicality for a makeover or to add character to its decoration. Imitations are multiplying in order to be able to adopt it in different ways at home.

Dare the cement tile pattern

The trend of cement tiles in decoration knows several followers thanks to their authenticity and their unmistakable stamp. In recent years, the patterns of ceramic tiles have been brought up to date. Their specificity lies in their inexhaustible richness in terms of graphics and color. Associated with a touch of modernity, this style makes the charm of all the rooms of the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom.


Tile imitation cement tiles
Multicolored cement tile look ALL OVER tile – Saint Maclou

In addition, cement tiles adapt to almost any style, extravagant or chic, colorful or rather sober. the color mix in the patterns and geometric patterns bring a touch of dynamism and aesthetics. This pattern can decorate any part of the room: dress the floor, cover the walls and splashbacks, adorn the plinths and stair risers, decorate table accessories … Whether for a total makeover or for spice up the decor, the rendering will be original.

Cement tile vinyl rugs

Vinyl carpet with patterns that imitate cement tiles - Ciment Factory
Decoration ideas: a vinyl rug with patterns that imitate cement tiles – Ciment Factory

With the cement tile rugs, the retro trend in interior decoration is at the rendezvous. Indeed, it is a very popular decorative element because it mixes a side modern and the vintage charm. It goes well with all styles of the room. Just put these rugs anywhere to easily beautify the floor and give character to its interior design in one gesture.

GiFi cement tile table
Cement tiles go to the table! – GIFI

It finds its place anywhere in the house : in the living room, in an office, near the bed in a bedroom, under a table in the kitchen or as a shower mat in the bathroom. Moreover, these patterns don’t need to be dominant to get noticed. However, they make the maximum effect in small touches. They are often available in rectangular and square shapes. Finally, the maintenance and cleaning of these rugs is very simple.

Tile with cement tile patterns

Tiling with cement tile patterns wonderfully sublimates the floor and walls of the kitchen or those of the bathroom. When it comes to flooring, there are many reasons to favor imitation cement tiles:

  • First of all, it is a perfect decorative element for the followers of the retro and vintage style which comes in several colors. It can be put everywhere and correspond to contemporary tastes ;
  • Imitations of cement tiles are less expensive than the originals. The price obviously varies according to the characteristics (thickness, shape and size) and the quality of these imitations;
black and white tiled splashback cement tile style
The cement tile-style tiled splashback is the strong trend among kitchen designers! – GOAL
  • This resistant material requires simple maintenance and cleaning and economic. With hot water, baking soda or vinegar, and the tiles will be like new;
  • The pose of these imitations is easy on dry and solid ground, not to mention that they are very resistant.

Cement tile pattern wallpaper

Cement tile wallpaper - Grosfillex
Cement tile pattern wallpaper for a modern and chic kitchen – Grosfillex

Wallpapers are making a comeback among wall coverings. And the cement tile patterns are also invited on this support for even more originality. The trend optical illusion offers a wide range of choices to enhance an entire room.

Not only is it a decorative accessory to little price, but its aesthetic side is indisputable. It is easier to use to revive and boost its decoration in the blink of an eye. It can also be a decorative accessory in its own right. The pose wallpaper is easy, which is convenient for a regular change of wall decoration.

Cement tile stickers

Cement tile pattern decals are an easy way to dress up or spruce up smooth surfaces around the house. They are designed based on opaque adhesive vinyl and are also easy to install. Indeed, it is enough only to paste them to then benefit from their rendering.

In addition, they can be found everywhere: on furniture, furnishings, baseboards, risers and even on splashbacks. These stickers allow you to easily play with the colors and the textures by mixing several kinds of patterns on the surface of a splashback, for example. Like all decorative accessories, they give free rein to the imagination.

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