Table basse et fauteuils en palettes de bois

The prettiest DIY pallet tables

Pretty, economical and reliable at the same time, pallet tables can be found at home for different uses. Sometimes in the garden, sometimes in the dining room or in the living room, they bring a touch of originality to the decor while offering a more ecological option. Here are some DIY ideas for making them yourself.

Dining tables

Instead of buying a dining table in the store, it is perfectly possible to build yourself with pallets. Whatever style you want, these wooden accessories are fully customizable. Naturally, they give very rustic furniture offering a lot of warmth to the dining room.

1 or 2 pallets can be used as a table top, to be fixed on a structure on legs. It is possible to place vertical pallets for the feet or to DIY specific feet with other materials. The metal goes very well with the pallets for trendy industrial design.

A smart idea is also to use pallet feet, and add wheels. The table can be moved very easily and, at the same time, offers a certain original “loft” feel.

For those who prefer a more modern look, it is also possible to use a glass table top to be placed directly above the pallets. The result is both stylish and practical for family meals.

White pallet coffee table on casters
White coffee table on casters made from a pallet with a glass top – Shutterstock

As for the size of the table, just assemble the number of pallets needed to make the tray. Generally, a single pallet is sufficient for up to 6 people.

Coffee tables

Coffee tables are surely the easiest to build with pallets. Indeed, it suffices to stack 2 or 3 pallets to get the simplest version of this kind of table.

Afterwards, it is up to everyone to personalize it according to their expectations.. Pallets can be painted in all possible colors. White and black for a sober and classy atmosphere or more vivid colors such as red to awaken the atmosphere.

pallet coffee table
Pallet coffee table –

Even naturally, pallets can also be arranged in various ways
to create geometric designs. Layering in opposite directions already makes a big difference. Metal finishes as a table border are also popular for an elegant factory touch. A glass table top, but also plexiglass, also offers exceptional charm to the table.

Sometimes it is also enough toa single pallet to make a coffee table to place, in particular on ottomans or to equip with casters. The lower part of the pallet can then serve as a shelf or mini-bookcase.

It is also possible to make a hole in the middle of the pallet andset up a miniature Japanese garden. Simply irresistible!

Office tables

Office storage in wood pallet
Pallet office storage to organize your worktop – Shutterstock

In the office and especially in modern startups, pallets are also making their show. Fortunately for amateur do-it-yourselfers, pallet desks are easy to make at home.

To create a meeting table yourself, just place a box under the pallet. Installed well in the middle, it will serve as a table leg and support the top. Everyone is then free to add their own finishes. Until then, it must be recognized that the glass table top is very successful.

A small office just as easily, using a pallet and metal legs. The space between the wooden slats can then accommodate books and various office accessories. Both simple and practical!

For more advanced levels, it is also possible to create a pallet desk with storage drawers. This time, however, a dismantling step is necessary to recover the wood and reassemble them according to the desired model. Moreover, some do-it-yourselfers only use the pallet boards for their creations, which allows them to be much more free in terms of design.

Bench in wooden pallets with its storage drawers
Pallet wood balcony layout: console and bench with storage drawers – Shutterstock

Tables for the kitchen

With the possibilities they offer, pallets inevitably land in the kitchen. Not in a complicated way! On the contrary, several stacked pallets are sufficient to have a kitchen island original. The spaces between the planks of the pallet then act as a shelf that can be used to store kitchen accessories such as place mats.

Cut lengthwise and stacked on top of each other, pallets can also be installed in a corner of the kitchen and become a work plan. They can also be attached directly to the wall and turn into a full-fledged storage space.

The addition of wheels is also very practical to have a small mobile table in the kitchen. It can be easily pushed towards the dining room to simplify the transport of dishes.

Note, however, that some pallets have been treated with chemical products. So, they must be avoided absolutely for healthy use at home. To create pallet tables yourself, you shouldn’t forget the sturdiness of the furniture either. Always check, in particular that the feet used support the weight of the pallet trays.

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