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How to renovate your kitchen? Low cost tips

The kitchen is a central part of the house. It brings the family together, as soon as you wake up, but also in the evening. This place should be welcoming and pleasant. To do this, it should be renovated after a certain time. Having a new-looking kitchen while keeping control of your budget is quite possible.

Like the food takes an increasingly important place in the house, it is advisable to make this room a convivial place. The owners are sometimes tempted to proceed with the renovation to make room for a more pleasant kitchen. Renovating at low cost is done in stages:

Define your project well

Renovation is a project that can be done in several ways. Long before embarking on the work, it is necessary above all draw up a detailed project plan. The renovation can be partial. In this case, it is a good idea to keep the furniture and appliances in good condition. If the renovation concerns the entire kitchen, it is advisable to write down the work to be done in a notebook and then rank it in order of priority.

kitchen with terrazzo splashback
Pastel colors, terrazzo and melamine wood: an ultra contemporary note to play in renovating your kitchen – Architects STUDIO HEJU Cuisine Gabrielle

Renovate your kitchen: estimate your budget

The renovation depends on the budget. The bigger the project, the more it costs. This is why it is necessary to clearly define your project with all the details. It is necessary adapt your desires to your budget. During the renovation, some work is to be prioritized. This is particularly the case with the floor and walls. Others, such as furniture and appliances, can be replaced little by little, later. So, it makes more sense to invest in the heavy and expensive work first before tackling the details.

trendy kitchen lamp
Høeg + Møller Joey for Lamps, an ingenious stand by RackBuddy

Think about style to renovate your kitchen

After defining your project and estimating the budget, it’s time to think about the style you want. The kitchen should reflect the personality of the user. It must also meet everyone’s expectations and adapt to the habits of the occupants of the house. For large families, opt for a well-kept kitchen, with as much circulation space as possible, an open room being the best alternative. As for the style, the choice is vast: modern and design kitchen, rustic, country, classic family, vintage, etc.

Renovate your kitchen: furniture and accessories

Refreshing furniture at a low price is possible. To minimize expenses, a few tips can be used:

The painting : to revive furniture

Scandinavian country kitchen
A Scandinavian country kitchen atmosphere with a light gray painted wall – Sostrene Grene

Old wooden furniture tarnishes the decor even with an impeccable layout. Some people are tempted to buy new kitchen furniture for a successful renovation. However, it is possible to keep the same furniture if they are still in good working order. It only takes a few coats of paint or varnish to give them a second life. Choose a color that goes well with the decoration.

Door handles : everything is in the details

It is true that handles are only details in a kitchen. Still, they help decorate. To get rid of the old-fashioned look of the kitchen, it is possible to repaint or from them to replace if they are damaged. Several models are available.

kitchen furniture handles
Sostrene Grene kitchen furniture handles

The company Superfont allows us to pimp our Ikea kitchens with very elegant high-end casings, legs and door handles. Trendy and timeless colors, noble materials, superior quality … Here is a brief overview:

Polishing furniture : the simple and effective DIY trick

Over time, lacquered furniture loses its smooth appearance. Under the effect of wear, shocks and humidity, scratches appear. To remedy this, carry out some polishing work. Thereby, without necessarily spending a fortune, the furniture is like new.

yellow and pastel blue retro kitchen
Rediscover the glossy spirit of kitchen furniture by polishing striped furniture – Kitchen by Point P Arte One Kayak

The doors and windows of the kitchen : not to neglect

A change in color can make all the difference. For a lower cost processing, it is a good idea to repaint the doors and windows. Black is black: big trend on dark frames!

Vinyl kitchen rugs
Of the industrial spirit we keep in particular the black window frames which echo black decorative details also like here the legs of the bar stools – Vinyl kitchen rugs – Le Grand Cirque

Same: if the curtains and blinds in the kitchen are getting old, they must be changed. These decorative accessories participate in the transformation of the room.

Ground : materials and designs for all tastes

It is quite possible to renew the soil, without breaking the bank. Different kinds of materials are available on the market to renovate it.

Changing your floor to modernize your kitchen – Brico Dépôt CUISINE ROMANCE
  • The most economical solution is the pvc flooring. Modern and elegant, it is available in different sizes and colors.
  • For those who wish to benefit from a designer floor at a low price, the laminate flooring is a good option. Its easy installation, its shapes and its prints make it a very popular coating for renovation.
  • To ensure a floor that is both sustainable and economical, opt for stoneware. Resistant, it is perfect for the kitchen.

The walls : to set the mood

mustard yellow kitchen
Dare to use colors for the kitchen – Pure & Paint – Safari Tint

The color of the walls becomes dull over time. For a renovation at a low price, it is possible to repaint the walls.
To do this, several alternatives are available: classic paint, wallpaper or effect paints. For a renovation at a low price, it is advisable to carry out the work yourself.

Renovate your kitchen: the splashback and the worktop

Le Grand Cirque wax credenza
Dare the colorful adhesive splashbacks with animated patterns – Le Grand Cirque – Wax splashback

To renovate them, here are some tips:

  • ask a adhesive splashback to cover the old one;
  • stick some laminate panels on the credenza;
  • apply a special resin on the laminate or melamine worktop;
  • hide the tiles with a special paint.
granite worktop
A stone worktop for an ultra luxury look and long-lasting comfort – Terra Collection ABISAL by Cupa Stone

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