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How to use warm colors for your decor: tips

To create an enveloping and reassuring atmosphere in a room, nothing like warm colors. With these tones that do us good and that will warm our walls, the house goes into cocooning mode. These energetic, elegant and bright shades can dress the sofa cover as well as curtains or windows.

Definition of warm colors

White and red children's room
Children’s bedroom in white, brown and red tones – Dulux

On the color wheel, warm hues occupy the opposite half of cool hues. They include all the shades of yellow, orange and red as well as all the shades obtained by the combination of these three colors. Thus, purplish red, magenta red, orange red, orange yellow, golden, apricot, burgundy, brown, ivory, pink and cream are warm colors.

Both warm and cold colors all have effects on human behavior. The influences of some of them are even physically perceptible. As for warm shades, they are known to raise adrenaline levels, body temperature and blood pressure. In other words, they really warm the human body and these sensations are heightened with the more intense nuances.

The color recognized as being the hottest is orange-yellow-red, a shade that rhymes with combat and passion.

Tips on using warm colors

Orange yellow wall in an office
Orange yellow wall in an office – Farrow and Ball

Warm colors are able to intimate a place and make it appear smaller. They also suggest the proximity. Combined with each other, warm colors give off an impression of comfort and warmth, create a feeling of well-being as well as a very pleasant welcoming atmosphere.

Warm colors on walls rooms located to the north, which receive little or no sunlight, make it possible to psychologically soften the slight difference in temperature between the different zones of the house or apartment. Warm and sustained colors in the moldings of a room with a rather cold and pale character offer a surprising result.

Applied to all the walls of a room, they offer a rather intimate box effect. In this case, it is better to study the lights well. It is also possible to dare to combine a dark shade such as red ocher on the walls and a mustard color on the ceiling. In case of doubt about the painting of the walls, it is possible to play with the colors on the furniture such as an armchair.

In which rooms to adopt warm colors?

If at one time warm colors scared most people in terms of decorating, nowadays the palette of shades offered by manufacturers is vast. The lively and aggressive colors for the eye are attenuated by more worked tones, muted and matified which agree with the elements of nature. They have now gained in elegance.

Warm colors can be introduced almost anywhere. In addition to dressing the rooms located to the north, they can also illuminate and warm the entrance or hallway. Terracotta red and bark brown bring a cocoon vibe, while red and orange are perfect for decorating the dining room or kitchen. However, refrain from using red in a bedroom since it is deemed too exciting.

Dare combinations with a strong character

Warm colors can become very intense and cause some saturation. In this case, they must be counterbalanced with neutral colors or some cool tones like white, gray or black. The combination of the two offers a decoration of character.

Thus, it is possible to associate stripes or blue furniture with an ocher wall; decorative items in green at an orange wall. Indeed, these complementary colors match perfectly. In terms of materials, the drink exotic or dark, natural materials such as terracotta or wicker as well as copper metals go very well with warm colors. For a more contemporary style, thesteel and the waxed concrete will be perfect.

The warm and cool hues that can be combined are the ones that are opposite on the color wheel. So orange and blue or yellow and lilac can be combined.

The influence of warm colors in everyday life

Wall of an orange living room and a rust-colored bedroom
Walls of a living room and a bedroom in orange shades – Dulux

Applied on walls or furniture, warm colors have a real physiological influence on humans because they are vibratory. Regarding the decoration, the color Red is strengthening and comforting.

The colour orange is stimulating, joyful, festive or sparkling. It creates an atmosphere inviting conviviality. It is also the color of creativity.

the yellow and theocher have the gift of making a room shine and giving off a feeling of warmth. These shades illuminate the room and allow occupants to recharge their batteries.

Warm colors and seasons

Warm colors have the advantage of adapt to all seasons since their effect varies depending on the brightness. In winter, they have the capacity to warm the inside when the light is lacking. In summer, they are dynamic and vibrant under the effect of sunlight.

Outdoor decorating ideas in warm tones

When the sun comes back, the garden furniture is out again. So now is the time to use warm colors to decorate your exterior as well. Here are some ideas to reproduce at home!

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