Bouquets de fleurs séchées de plusieurs couleurs accrochés au mur

Which dried flowers to choose for a trendy interior?

Previously, dried flowers were considered old-fashioned accessories. Forgotten for a while, they are making a comeback and are now part of the trendy decorative accessories. Very easy to adopt, dried flowers do not require as much care as freshly picked plants. Here are some decorating ideas to adopt them at home.

Dried flowers: remember a few rules

Decoration of bouquets of dried flowers - La Redoute interior
Decoration of bouquets of dried flowers – La Redoute interior

This is not about using discolored, sagging bouquets that have been left in a vase. For a successful decoration, the bouquets to be used must haveallure, of the color and release a touch of poetry. Dried flowers can be stored for a few months and should be replaced. Once they have lost their look, it is advisable to change them.

Although it is possible to use all flowers, some are more suitable than others. The most widely used plants are hydrangea, lavender, wheat, rosemary, willow branches, eucalyptus, cotton stems, baby’s breath or even thistles.

Adapt to all styles

Bouquets of dried flowers in monochrome white vases
Bouquets of dried flowers in monochrome white vases – Maison Bouture

Dried flowers adapt to different decorative styles: contemporary, vintage, industrial, bohemian or even country. To blend into a contemporary interior, they are minimalist. It’s all in the staging! It is therefore necessary to use a monochrome sleek design vase. A baby’s breath in a large white vase will find its place perfectly near the sofa or in a corner of the living room.

Glass flask containing dried flowers of different colors
Glass vials containing dried flowers of different colors – Galeries Lafayette

To decorate a white wall, glass vials containing a few sprigs of dried flowers (a stalk of lavender, daisy or wheat) can be hanging on the wall using a sisal string. This minimalist decor brings a touch of poetry in an interior of white clad.

To adapt to a vintage decoration, you have to dig in second-hand shops to find old vases in tinted textured glass. Then choose a round bouquet such as hydrangea or allium.

Bohemian style dried flower exterior decoration
Bohemian style dried flowers exterior decoration – Maisons du Monde

For a bohemian decoration, we must bet on small bouquets made of a mixture of flowers. The bouquet should look a bit rebellious with wheat stalks contrasting alongside small daisies. However, it is advisable to have a light hand and to carry out a aerial bouquet and light rather than an overloaded bouquet.

Dried flowers are also suitable for industrial style. To match the raw materials that characterize this type of decoration, it is necessary to favor long-stemmed flowers and a minimalist glass vase. Wheat is ideal for this purpose. It is appropriate to take a beautiful bunch of wheat and tie the base with a string so that it does not scatter.

A bouquet of lavender or daisies in a small white porcelain vase can match a country decoration composed of patinated wood furniture and refined lace.

Remember some ideas to vary the decoration

Dried leaves in transparent frames on mustard yellow wall
Dried leaves in transparent frames on mustard yellow wall – Boutique Atelier Germain herbier – Meero

Here are some simple tips with dried flowers to decorate your interior:

  • Use bottles: recover the bottles that are no longer needed to turn them into a vase. They are decorated with sprigs of dried flowers and placed on a dressing table or on the windowsills to create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Use a simple string: no need for a vase to showcase the dried flowers. All you have to do is tie the rods and hang them in the desired location (on a door or window handle, on a wall, etc.).
  • Create a chandelier from dried flowers: make a circle with an old metal hanger, hang a few bouquets of flowers on the metal circle and hang it from the ceiling.
  • Create herbaria: here is a nice way to adopt the dried flowers without using a vase. Place the dried flowers in a frame and hang it on the wall. The ideal is to multiply the frames and vary the flowers inside.
Dried flowers in golden and transparent frames
Dried flowers in golden frames and wicker baskets – IVY Paysagiste
  • Use any container: a basket, a small metal bucket or a hat can be used in place of the classic vases. For a springtime vibe, place a mixture of dried flowers in a wicker basket.
  • A potpourri of dried flowers: take a large jar and place some dried flowers in it (daisy, mimosa, poppy, sunflower, etc.). The more colorful the flowers, the better!

Dry the flowers

It is important to master the technique of drying flowers to change the bouquet according to the finds and the seasons. The ideal is to pick the flowers in the morning after the dew has evaporated. After picking, the flowers are collected in small bouquets composed of about three or four stems. With the help of a string, the bouquets are hung in the air in a room sheltered from the wind and direct sunlight.

Before drying them, the flowers are coated with a mixture of glycerin and hot water. In this way, their color will be preserved. The flowers can also be sprayed with hairspray to maintain their look. It is also important to dry the flowers upside down.

Regarding the hydrangea in particular, it must dry in a dark room to keep its colors.

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