The prettiest wood kitchens Why choose a wood kitchen

Currently become a living room appreciated by each member of the family, the food in wood or made from other materials is more preferred among all the rooms in the house. It has exceeded the time of its unique functionality since it now welcomes both occupants and guests as to relax or work.

Opt for a wooden kitchen

IXINA wooden kitchen
IXINA Linea Havane kitchen

Decide for a wooden kitchen
when fitting out this room or during its redevelopment is a real judicious choice. Why ? For the main reason that this material provides at the same time the heat necessary to heat theroom environment, the ideal aspect to perfect its facet aesthetic, as well as all comfort essential to optimize friendliness and his side functional.


Mobalpa wood kitchen
Mobalpa wood kitchen retro atmosphere

Having been able to seduce so many enthusiasts of rustic style than those preferring design rather contemporary, wood adapts equally well to kitchens classic style than to those who adopt a decoration rather urban, modern, more chic, or those with an atmosphere of character. This material also exudes an exceptional charm that allows it to please everyone for the realization of a real cocoon or a completely unique cuisine. Indeed, both elegant and original, the woodwork offers the possibility of realizing a personalized project of its interior.

Moreover, this material has several significant advantages. Among other things, he has acquired an unparalleled ability to improve himself over the years. Unlike other materials, wood ages well. If the wooden worktop is properly maintained, it guarantees a particularly long service life. Otherwise, wood is naturally resistant to bacteria unlike other materials.

Finally, matter timeless typical, the wood displays unparalleled robustness. It is above all no accident that has led most people to choose it for the making of their worktops and for the dressing of their kitchen facade ! This unrivaled material can withstand all tests, including solid wood facades that have been shaped from raw wood.

Maintain a wooden worktop

In order to optimize the lifespan of a wooden worktop, you just need to get him a correct maintenance on a regular basis. What does this proper interview consist of?

White and wood kitchen
Kitchen Model Kitchen Villa Plus
  • A wooden worktop properly maintained by regular sealing can last a long time;
  • The wood also requires a littleoil at a regular frequency of two months. Linseed oil is great for protecting wood. It penetrates deep into the pores to obtain a water-repellent wood;
  • The wooden surface of a worktop also needs greasing which will allow it to avoid the deformations generally caused by the usual heat inside the kitchen;
Kitchen with wooden worktop
Kitchen with IDYLE wood worktop Brico Dépôt
  • Never using corrosive cleaning materials over the surface of a wooden worktop is also simple and proper maintenance;
male wood kitchen
Leroy Merlin Masculine wood kitchen
  • In the event of an accident that damages the wooden worktop, its repair is rather easy since it suffices to sand the weathered surface to the next layer of wood and it would be like new.

Solid wood fronts for the kitchen

Mobalpa wood kitchen
Wood kitchen furniture – Mobalpa

The question could seriously arise: but why opt for solid wood to dress the facades of your kitchen? Well, it is simple. Solid wood can reveal unparalleled tenacity in the face of any test. It can also show itself to be entirely healthy material, especially when it is not processed. It thus has a specific ecological side. For these few important reasons, choosing solid wood fronts for any type of kitchen is a wise decision. Whether it is an open type kitchen, with a central island, L, U, I or length, or a special kitchen with limited space.

Medium kitchen
Medium kitchen – STUDIO HEJU architecture studio – Damrémont apartment

When it comes to maintenance, no neglect of solid wood should be tolerated. Therefore, an oil application is strongly recommended by temporal frequency of at least one year. This makes it possible to eliminate the porous character of the wood by the saturation of the walls of the material.

The most beautiful wooden kitchens

For pretty wooden kitchens, light wood is frequently used (Burgundy oak, Serac oak, Sierra oak, etc.) for a Scandinavian, folk or natural style rendering. A worktop is also available in various choices of colors, shades and models, so that it adapts to diverse decors, but also to varied needs and tastes.

Atmosphere Ô MUR Cuisine
Ambiance wall covering Ô MUR Cuisine

For modern kitchens, maple wood in light shades is perfect for worktops. For a darker style, choosing a stained oak is a good idea. Although less common, iroko or cherry is more and more popular because of its unique appearance. Less brilliant and less solemn, the tops in elm, beech or spruce go harmoniously with a modern or rustic decor.

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