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How to use the ocher color in its decoration?

Obtained from natural pigments, the ocher color subtly adorns interiors. Its earthy and dynamic aspect brings liveliness to the decoration. Sunny and warm, ocher invites itself throughout the house, giving it an incomparable charm. To adopt the ocher hue at home, just combine it with the right colors.

Origins of the ocher color

Kitchen with ocher wall
Ocher paint on a kitchen wall – Oyoy

The ocher color has its origins in a clay rock of the same name. This ferric rock is composed of pure clay and owes its very colorful appearance to the pigments of mineral origin that it contains. Thus, the ocher color varies according to the type of pigments. Most of them tend towards mustard yellow. Others take more orange, red or brown shades for the darker ones. In the old days, cavemen used ocher-based paints to draw. Later, designers use it to create works of art. Very appreciated for its non-toxicity and its longevity, it is adopted in the masonry industry. Today, in addition to natural ocher-based paints, manufacturers also offer chemical paints, which approximate the color of rock. However, this shade is not limited to paint. In recent years, it has been found on fabrics, furniture and decorative accessories.

The meaning of the ocher color

Adopting the ocher color in the decoration comes down to bring sunshine in the house. This natural pigment embellishes interiors with subtlety. The ocher color palette is so wide that it is difficult to choose between red ocher, yellow ocher and brown ocher. Even if the shades differ markedly from each other, one thing is certain, they warm up the decor with charm. The ocher has the particularity of being similar to the earth. Some even consider it an earthy color. It takes the mind to faraway lands. The ocher also evokes nature and creates a warm atmosphere in the House. Used wisely, it reassures and calms the atmosphere. This is the reason why relaxation rooms, spas and hammams often integrate it into their decor.

How to marry ocher with other colors?

The ocher colors appear as invasive hues. Used in large quantities, they risk confined spaces. For ocher to be beautiful to see, you have to know how to combine it with other colors.

  • Yellow ocher and blue
Living room with ocher paint and duck blue sofa
Ocher paint and duck blue sofa – Little Green paint

The quintessential example of yellow ocher is the mustard yellow shade. Unlike curry yellow, it tends more towards an earthy aspect, typical of ocher colors. Warm color, mustard yellow or yellow ocher goes perfectly with petrol blue. They energize the decoration while remaining distinguished. For the best success with this combination of colors, it is advisable to use these two shades on furniture. Thus, it is possible to brighten up a sofa in mustard yellow with blue colored cushions.

  • Orange ocher and pastel colors
Ocher and pastel colored bed linen
Ocher and white bed linen – Madura

In recent times, yellow ocher has been one of the trending colors in interiors. Its sunny aspect brightens up the decor with charm. However, it can appear too cramped, if it dresses the whole room.. To blur its pronounced and energetic appearance, it is judicious to associate it with softer shades. Pastel colors represent the best alternatives. For a more soothing decor, opt for pastel blue and orange ocher. In this case, they can be used over a large area such as a wall or as the main colors in a room. In the kitchen or living room, orange ocher and pastel pink form a harmonious combination.

  • Red ocher and white
Entrance with wallpaper and ocher paint
Ocher wallpaper and red ocher paint – Le Monde Sauvage

For a minimalist decor, bet on red ocher and white. Considered a cold and too classic color, white promises an aesthetic result in association with red ocher. On the walls, this duo is authentic and harmonious. In a white kitchen, red ocher brings the decor to life. It makes natural materials more attractive. For a convivial kitchen, opt for a worktop and a splashback in red ocher. In a large room, red ocher restructures volumes. On a facade or on the ceiling, it reduces the feeling of emptiness. However, red ocher tends to absorb light. Thus, it is necessary to ensure good lighting to reveal its beauty.

Ocher in all states

Ocher painting in a dining room
Ocher paint in a dining room – Little Green paint

If ocher is very popular in interior decoration, it is for its versatile appearance. She suitable for all styles:

  • For a scandinavian style living room, yellow ocher is highly recommended. A pretty armchair and yellow velvet poufs in a room with charcoal gray and pastel pink walls evoke a Nordic atmosphere.
  • For those who prefer the ethnic style, it is quite possible to marry the nuances of ocher between them. Walls in ocher beige, furniture in mustard yellow, spread out on a mohair carpet in ocher red form a both modern and ethnic set. Soft and lively, such an association is original.
  • Ocher is also perfect for an interior of rustic style. Its earthy aspect invites itself on the walls with elegance. In addition, it goes very well with wooden furniture.

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