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Buying advice for an outdoor cushion

Nothing is more pleasing than cozy and comfortable cushions to fully enjoy a garden furniture, a deck chair or an outdoor bench. Coming in different shapes and colors, these types of cushions are available in different varieties and undeniably provide a decorative touch to exteriors. You still have to know how to choose them!

Which fabric to choose for an outdoor cushion?

Outdoor textiles, also called outdoor textiles, can be made from natural materials or completely synthetic. The choice will then have to be on the tastes of each one in terms of touch and aesthetics. However, in order to stay outdoors, an outdoor cushion must first and foremost be able to protect itself. Its main enemies are humidity and the sun. So, for example, you should know that synthetic materials such as vinyl found on boat benches are more waterproof and easy to maintain than cotton canvas. However, these fabrics often tend to heat up in the sun, which is not very pleasant.

What synthetic fabrics for outdoor cushions?

Synthetic fabrics for outdoor cushions are usually made of acrylic or polyester. With these two materials, it will no longer be necessary to tuck in outdoor cushions at the last minute. Being rot-proof, after a special anti-UV treatment, they will be able to keep their color better under the effect of the sun. Note that those with a 100% acrylic fiber coating will fade after about 2000 hours in the sun, without treatment.

Which natural fabrics for outdoor cushions?

If the cotton canvas is permeable, it can also be treated with a waterproofing agent. Otherwise, you will need to cover the cushions to protect them in wet weather. Also, cotton canvas cushions should not be stored for a long time. They accumulate moisture and let mold appear.

There are also outdoor cushions with a Sunbrella canvas covering, a fabric particularly suitable for outdoor use. This type of fabric is treated to resist water, UV rays and fatty substances. In addition, it is easy to maintain and does not easily lose its color.
Washed linen has a great capacity for resistance over time.

Where can we place the outdoor cushions?

The outdoor cushion is generally placed near a swimming pool. The ideal is to opt for a waterproof model that is resistant to water splashes. In this case, those with a PVC / polyester or cotton / polyester coating are also an interesting alternative. They are waterproof even in rainy weather and resist the sun. On the other hand, it will be necessary to opt for models of good quality. There are also outdoor cushions designed to withstand direct contact with water. They can float in the pool and have a coating that promotes their internal ventilation, which evacuates the water by drainage. These types of cushions dry on contact with air.
Do not hesitate to place your outdoor cushions in your patio to make it more comfortable.

white cushion and wicker chair on a balcony

How to choose an outdoor cushion?

Since the outdoor furniture is so varied, it is important that the garden cushion can adapt to each element. Thus, for armchairs and garden chairs, the ideal is to opt for seat cushions which will offer more comfort. Do not forget the back cushions for even more comfort. These are attached to the backs of chairs and armchairs with velcro or ribbons.

The outdoor cushion, whether on a stool, a garden chair, a garden armchair or for garden furniture can be soft or firmer. It depends on your taste.
You can choose to place a plaid on a garden bench to decorate with small cushions. This protects the wicker or wrought iron of the bench.

Wicker garden sofa with colorful cushions

Which outdoor cushions to choose for deckchairs, garden chairs or sofas?

For deckchairs, deckchairs or garden bench, it is best to opt for a quilted cushion for example. For hanging chairs or hammocks, it is possible to create a cascade of cushions to comfortably enjoy an outdoor sunbath. Regarding lounge sets, the ideal is to choose large cushions such as an ottoman. The giant cushion is trendy at the moment in addition to being very comfortable. The airbag and floor mattresses are very convenient because you can deflate them and fold them up when not in use. Sunbathing opens their arms to you for a real moment of relaxation.

Outdoor cushions, decorative accessories in their own right

In addition, outdoor cushions are also excellent decorative accessories. It is quite possible to tune them to individual tastes for a more personalized effect. Moreover, these types of cushion are currently available in several plain colors or with patterns, etc. However, it is also possible to opt for outdoor cushions with a classic theme. Indeed, since these accessories can sometimes last several years, choosing a simple and chic theme will not get bored. You should also know that the exterior is an extension of the interior. This may then perhaps help some to better choose the look of their outdoor furniture.

For example, the current trend in terms of outdoor cushions is in toile de Jouy models. Even if the toile de Jouy is not recent, it is back in fashion because of its elegant and chic appearance. The same goes for the tropical patterns which undeniably bring a touch of nature and wilderness to the exterior. For flawlessness, striped or solid-colored cushions are the right choices. If not for exteriors with a country spirit, the ideal is to choose natural materials, floral patterns or pastel shades. In order to benefit from a bohemian atmosphere, the mix and match of colors and patterns through geometric, vegetal, ethnic and oriental prints, not to mention the addition of outdoor rugs, will do the job perfectly.

In addition, the choice of outdoor cushions can also be done according to the seasons. Indeed, if for the beautiful days it is preferable to opt for light materials and sunny colors, in cold period, the thick materials with warm colors warm up the atmosphere and the decoration. You can opt for different colors such as:

  • Coral
  • Duck / duck blue
  • Dark gray / light gray
  • Beige
  • ecru
  • Purple
Hanging garden chair with patterned cushions

Additional tips for choosing an outdoor cushion

When it comes to outdoor cushions, the ideal is to opt for models with removable covers. A cushion cover can be changed quickly and easily. Indeed, this proves to be more practical for the maintenance of the fabric. In addition, it is also an aesthetic solution, since it allows you to change the color of the covers as desired, you can switch from a fuchsia cushion to a brown cushion. Thus, the lounge chair or the chairs of the garden table can have a different style according to your desires.

Whether it is a round, rectangular, embroidered, polka-dot or pompom cushion, your chair or garden cushions must be in harmony with your garden and your home. The garden furniture gives an extra style to your exterior. More and more stores offer for sale, garden furniture, garden benches, garden tables, teak garden etc …

You like to picnic in your garden or in a park, do not hesitate to take your outdoor cushion with you. It will be very useful for you to sit down during barbecue with friends or family. The cushion provides seating comfort especially in XXL and ottomans.

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