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Adopt the terracotta color for a warm decor

The terracotta color invites itself into interiors with style. It adapts to all desires, is suitable for all types of decoration and goes with several colors. Warming and captivating, it gives the interior a warm atmosphere. Used wisely, this shade enhances the decor and gives character to the whole.

What is the terracotta color?

Etymologically, the term terracotta comes from Italian, which means “terracotta”. This word is then adopted in the jargon of colors to designate a shade that resembles that of terracotta pots. At first glance, terracotta looks like a color obtained from the combination of brown and orange. Yet it is much more than a color.


To be more precise, it is a palette of shades. Indeed, this term designates all colors in brown undertones. Terracotta comes in several shades ranging from lighter to darker. Some call it dark pink, pink ocher or old pink while others call it orange brown. The name varies depending on the dominant color of the composition.

Terracotta to warm your interior

If terracotta is so attractive, it is because it sublimates the room with style. Considered a warm colour, it warms the interior without weighing down the atmosphere. Terracotta often refers to a fall color. Its appearance is reminiscent of the leaves of this season. At a time captivating and softening, it is suitable for all rooms of the house.

This shade brings character and an authentic charm to the decoration. In addition, she knows how to embellish any accessory. To give a natural and original look in its decoration, terracotta promises to be a sure bet. It decorates the house in a way elegant and distinguished. Its greatest advantage is its warm character, ideal for welcoming guests at home.

How to combine terracotta with other colors?

A total terracotta look risks plunging the decor into an atmosphere that is too dull. It is safer to combine it with other shades for a harmonious result. There are many colors that can be associated with terracotta.

  • Terracotta and white

Basic color in decoration, white brings out the deep and mysterious side of terracotta. It attenuates its sometimes invasive density, while respecting its imposing character. Cool and neutral, white complements well with this warm and intense shade. It is possible to adopt this combination on the walls. A terracotta back facade is enough to wake up the all-white walls of a room. For more originality, dare to terracotta print or patterns on the walls. This type of pattern brings an oriental touch to the decoration. In a small room it is a good idea touse light terracotta shades. Too dark, it may further confine the room.

Timeless, grey is always requested in the decoration. It goes with almost any shade and terracotta is no exception. For a harmonious result, opt for an association of anthracite gray and terracotta tending towards rust. With an equivalent dosage, this duo creates an original, but chic decor.
In the living room, it looks very aesthetic and attractive. Very trendy, gray and terracotta bring a touch of modernity to the decoration. To decorate an old gray sofa, for example, nothing is more original than terracotta cushions.
In a kitchen with gray walls, opt for a worktop and a splashback in terracota. Such a combination gives a natural look to the room. To avoid the dull finish, it suffices to alternate matte and glossy finishes.

  • Terracota in third color

Adopting terracota in your decoration does not always mean using it in large quantities. Indeed, it is quite possible to use it as a third color. In that case, it must be used by small touches. Thus, it can be found on accessories like cushions, from lampposts, from poufs or some vases.
However, nothing prevents it from being used over a large area. In bedroom in blue and gray, a terracotta carpet makes it possible to warm up the decoration in a judicious way. The secret is to use this shade on chic and noble materials, such as wool, fur and velvet. These fibers highlight the authenticity of terracotta.

  • Terracotta with blue and pink

To escape the too classic side of blue and pink, opt for an alliance with terracotta. In an ethnic style piece, salmon pink and turquoise blue go wonderfully with terracotta. Paradoxically, these three colors together give the decoration a look that is as modern as it is traditional.
The uniqueness lies in the accessories. For a contemporary interior, opt for designer accessories. Antique and vintage objects are reserved for the more classic. It is also possible to bet on a marriage of petroleum blue, powder pink and terracotta. Ultramodern, this trio is a sensation in any room of the house.

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