vélos et autres outils sur un balcon

Install storage on your balcony

Whether extending a bedroom or a living room, the balcony can easily be transformed into a relaxation area, but also into storage space. In fact, all you have to do is arrange or install furniture dedicated to storage such as shelves, but also to divert other decorative objects or accessories, a chest for example. All the details on the installation of storage on the balcony.

A closed shelf for your balcony

It is more convenient to store objects or tools bulky in the compartments of a closed shelf. To do this, it is possible to:

  • Place it against the wall;
  • Customize the volumes of the compartments according to the objects to be stored during the assembly of the shelves.

A solid wood shelf will give more panache to the exterior decoration. However, it is also possible to bet on other variants (pine, beech, bamboo, acacia, walnut or oak) using different finishes. The idea is that the materials are resistant to humidity, but also to heat. You can sand your furniture to lighten it. Do not forget to varnish it afterwards, there are anti-UV varnishes, to protect your furniture from the sun’s rays.

Note: if some objects are perfectly resistant to bad weather, it is possible to opt for an open metal shelf.

A bathroom cabinet to store different objects on the balcony

A storage cabinet for the bathroom offers the possibility of storing various objects on the balcony. Indeed, this type of furniture is most often at:

  • To set down : standing furniture which occupy a certain space;
  • Hanging: suitable for small spaces, equipped withadjustable storage spaces at height.

Some bathroom furniture is also fitted with drawers while offering the possibility of adding:

  • Compartmentalization;
  • Separations.

As to materials, it is possible to make a choice between:

  • Natural wood;
  • Rattan resin;
  • Wrought iron;
  • Glass.

Therefore, the choice of bathroom furniture will be between:

  • A low cabinet that can also be used as a stool;
  • A space-saving column;
  • A shelf to be hung or placed, or even built-in;
  • Cabinets with doors, drawers or mirrors;
  • A towel rail for open storage space to hang laundry, for example.

From an aesthetic point of view, solid wood allows you to choose between exoticism and natural effect, while the composite materials bring a modern and refined touch.

fittings and storage on the balcony

The bench for multifunction storage on the balcony

the storage bench combines both aesthetics and multifunctionality. Indeed, this type of furniture makes it possible to store a large number of objects in the compartments under the seat. In addition, it helps protect stored objects from bad weather.

In the case of a small balcony, arrange benches that it is possible to make more comfortable is possible. Indeed, it will be pleasant to settle there to enjoy a moment of relaxation and calm by placing:

  • Cushions ;
  • Pillows;
  • Plaids;
  • Etc.

In addition, there is no need to store them elsewhere, because the compartments offered by these benches are already intended for this purpose.

Set of balconies facade of building

Use the railing of your balcony to make it a storage space

The balcony railing is also a space easy to convert into a storage device. Indeed, it is possible to lay out the laundry there to dry while having the possibility of decorating the whole with paper lanterns for a pleasant light to look at once night has fallen.

The idea is to gain living space within the balcony while combining the useful with the pleasant.

Divert objects into storage space for your balcony

It is also possible to avoid investing in furniture by designing storage spaces for your balcony. Indeed, diverting certain everyday objects makes it possible to create them in a clever way while opting for the concept of zero waste. Therefore, here are some tips and storage advice foravoid waste and to give the balcony decoration an original touch by diverting certain objects.

Fixed and leaning against a facade, theladder provides the perfect storage space for a hanging garden. This trick allows both to brighten up the balcony, but also to arrange the flowerpots in one place in order to gain significant space.

a wooden podium is also a decorative accessory that allows you to store certain objects, once placed on the balcony. Indeed, it will be possible to divert it to a shelf on which the objects will be arranged.

Whether in wood or metal, the garden service allows you to enjoy a beautiful design as well as a great ease of use. In fact, most of the multi-storage models can be transformed into service trolleys with wheels. Depending on the space offered, it is possible to put away kitchen utensils if there is a need to eat, for example. The advantage of metal furniture is its pretty charcoal gray color.

The hooks are also useful in order to hang on the wall certain small objects, but also those which are imposing. For example, it is possible tohang high a bicycle, the ideal method for a small balcony.

A garden chest allows a large storage capacity. It is a multifunction accessory, you can store logs as well as beach towels.

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