What decoration for a roof terrace?

Coming straight from the USA, the rooftop or roof terrace has succeeded in gradually establishing itself in the French landscape. First adopted by trendy addresses such as nightclubs, restaurants and bars, the roof terrace now integrates homes. Lights on the steps and methods to follow to develop it.

What is a roof terrace?

Concept developed and launched by Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, alias Le Corbusier, the roof terrace is a symbol of contemporary architecture. A true haven of peace in urban areas, the rooftop makes it possible to design a dedicated outdoor space: a dining area with dining room, a space for gardening, garden furniture for moments of relaxation …

Designing a roof terrace is a good way to make full use of the space in a home. More and more common on the roofs of buildings, the rooftop is a good option for individual dwellings. Indeed, it allows homeowners to use and fully recover the surface of their roof.

Good to know: entrust the creation of your roof terrace to approved professionals so that it is durable.

Installing a roof terrace: what are the mandatory steps?

Complying with a certain number of formalities is essential before installing a roof terrace.

Obtain the neighbors’ agreement

Ask your neighbors for advice before starting work on the roof terrace. This will ensure that no veto is issued. In terms of co-ownership, the roof can be considered to be a common part and a private part. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the condominium agreement. Also make sure that the rooftop does not cause any nuisance to the neighbors, in particular the proximity of vis-à-vis or the loss of sunshine. It is therefore essential to ask the nearest neighbors if the development does not cause them any concern.

It is also imperative to submit a declaration of works for the development of the roof terrace to the municipality.

Take into account the vis-à-vis

In general, the roof terrace is not facing the vis-à-vis. However, it may happen that the building is placed below neighboring buildings. In order to protect yourself from prying eyes, the best solution is to install reeds, palisades or even walls. It is also possible to set up screens or to accumulate pieces of fabric as curtains. The installation of a planter with trellis also allows you to shelter from prying eyes in a flowery and poetic way.

Ensure the safety of the rooftop

After asking the neighbors for advice, it’s time to think about the safety of the roof terrace. As the rooftop is installed at a height, it must be protected. For this, it is advisable to set up a low wall or security barriers, in case this has not yet been done. The law provides for a height of at least 1.10 m for the installation of guardrails. For those who prefer to install bars, it is recommended to count a maximum distance of 11 cm between each bar.

Install a stormwater drainage system

The installation of a rainwater drainage system is imperative in order to have a waterproof and resistant roof terrace, to protect against bad weather and to avoid possible infiltration. Therefore, the installation of a rainwater collector is recommended. Note that it is important to place a siphon or gutters that will lead the rainwater to the gutter.

Good to know : In addition to installing the water drainage system, it is also necessary to have the insulation, structure or tightness of the rooftop checked by a qualified professional. This precaution will help identify possible problems.

How to decorate a roof terrace?

After taking the essential steps to set up the roof terrace, it is now time to think about decorating it.

Opt for good lighting

Do you want to have a perfectly furnished, cozy and zen roof terrace? You have to think about how this space will be lit. The roofs do not all have electrical outlets. Fortunately, other options exist, in particular thesolar energy. Different types of luminaires can also be used as additional lighting for the roof terrace, with style and elegance.

  • The candle;
  • The spot ;
  • The Garland ;
  • The mood lighting;
  • THE’wall light ;
  • The lanterns;
  • LED light cubes;
  • The street lamp.
  • Greening the rooftop
light garland to illuminate a roof terrace

Plantations in pots, lawn, landscaped garden or a small corner of greenery, a green space contributes to creating a feeling of well-being on the roof terrace. Life on a rooftop, however, can be very difficult for plants. Indeed, they have to face weather conditions often difficult, especially the cold, the sun or the wind. Therefore, regular maintenance is essential. Note that the most suitable plants for roof terraces are small potted plants, ornamental plants, perennials and creepers as well as shrubs.

  • Provide a shaded area

Since it is on the roofs, the terrace is likely to be sunny throughout the day. Therefore, it is recommended to provide a shaded area to take advantage of this space as much as possible. The development of a terrace also goes through this. There are many solutions for designing a shaded area on the roof terrace, namely:

  • The parasol;
  • The wood lines;
  • The pergola
  • A green awning
  • Venetian or bamboo blinds;
  • The shade sail;
  • The retractable awning;
  • The reed reeds;
  • Bamboo panels;
  • Steel cable nets lined with climbing plants;
  • Etc.

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