caisse de rangement en bois recyclées en jardinières

furnish yourself in zero waste without waste

The concept of zero waste has transformed into a true philosophy of life over the years. From now on, it is an ecological issue in all homes, especially in the way of arranging and decorating one’s home. Recycle to Avoid Waste is part of decorating to flesh out or personalize a trend or style. All the details on the development in zero waste mode at home.

Zero waste decoration: the importance of the end of life of objects

To get started in a healthy way in zero waste, it is important to know the origin as well as the composition of the recycled or diverted objects. Indeed, they will make it possible to get an idea of ​​the time interval of use of each object. In other words, it is important to take into account the end of life of each object used for its decoration in zero waste mode and without waste. To do this, a few parameters must be checked:

  • The object is recyclable;
  • Avoid objects containing polluting components and treated with chemicals;
  • Opt for an electrical appliance that is less greedy in terms of energy consumption.

The idea is also to hunt in nature while preserving the environment.

Find materials from nature

Mother Nature makes it possible to meet our needs at a lower cost and it is easy to take advantage of it to decorate your home. To do this, all you need to do is pick a few items needed for your furnishing and recycling project. Therefore, some ideas and tips should be kept in mind:

  • Imperishable;
  • Non-polluting.

In the store or to pick and dry yourself, just use a good storage system protected from:

  • The light ;
  • Humidity.

The idea is to personalize your decor using dried flowers to create an atmosphere that reconnects with nature within your living space. Pampas flowers as well as cotton flowers are in vogue today.

  • A luminaire made from branches

A pendant luminaire made from branches fits in perfectly with an original decorative trend. It suffices, for example, to hang LED or filament bulbs on it and voila.

Decoration in zero waste mode: recycling

Recycling, or even upcycling, is a fashionable trend for refining your decoration. So, several ideas are good to take and the concept is only limited by one’s own imagination. The key is to respect the principle of eco-responsibility while being aware of the positive impact that this approach will have on the environment in general.

Avoid immediately thinking about throwing away the boards lying around the house. Indeed, it is possible to:

  • To assemble ;
  • Oil;
  • Varnish;
  • Fix to the wall.
recycled wooden planks in shelves

Like an old wooden door, it is possible to give it a much more graphic appearance through a makeover based on:

  • Paint ;
  • Wax;
  • Varnish;
  • Masking tape.

In addition, recycling them makes it possible to design new furniture and accessories, such as:

  • A headboard;
  • A swing bedside;
  • A wall shelf.

Good to know: it is preferable to bet on non-machined, straightened wooden planks which have kept their natural appearance.

Metal is a material that also adapts to different decor styles at home.

Once sanitized and dismantled, the foam present in old mattresses makes it possible to design:

  • New items for bedding;
  • A tatami-type floor mat;
  • Acoustic and thermal panels;
  • Etc.

Zero waste and no waste decoration: the second life of objects

Reusing or diverting certain objects from their main function is also an idea to avoid wasting or accumulating waste at home. To do this, here are some objects that can be integrated into a zero waste decoration.

Always in the spirit of recycling, it is possible to recycle wood, since this material is also essential in the world of decoration.

In this sense, it is possible to transform wooden and vintage-style transport crates into:

  • Nightstand ;
  • Shelves;
  • TV stand ;
  • Etc.

Indeed, wood adapts to all kinds of decorative trends and accentuates the natural side of a room.

Used bulbs recycled into hanging vases

The crockery that seems to no longer be used for much is easily diverted to make exhibition accessories. Moreover, this process is suitable for other decorative elements of retro or vintage style.

Diverting metal objects also makes it possible to personalize a decorative style while remaining in the zero waste concept. To do this, the choice will relate to:

  • Gutters to make wall planters;
  • The barrels diverted into rings of suspension lights;
  • Metal barrels to design vanity units, a bedside table, an armchair, etc.

It suffices to bet on a rendering capable of integrating in harmony with other decorative elements to avoid distorting or overloading a decor already in place.

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