Meuble TV encastré dans une étagère

How to choose a decorative TV cabinet?

It is not always easy to equip your house for both the first time and for a replacement. This particularly concerns the purchase of a TV cabinet. Indeed, we must take into account several criteria so that the furniture can blend harmoniously with the decoration and correspond to the dimensions of the device.

What location for a TV cabinet?

The location of a TV stand varies depending on the orientation of the device. To define it, it is important to check:

  • Screen size which must be adapted to the dimensions of the room;
  • The distance located between the sofa or armchair or screen. It must correspond to 6 times the diagonal of the screen;
  • The luminosity and the lighting of the room which should be softer to avoid tarnishing the image;
  • The position of Windows and openings to avoid reflections and backlighting;
  • Comfort in use which allows the user to watch television without necessarily turning his head.

What size for a TV cabinet?

For a more harmonious rendering, the size of the TV stand should be proportional to that of television. Indeed, the furniture must be larger than the appliance.

Besides the size of the television, the TV stand should also adapt to the dimensions of the room in which it is installed. We advise you to opt for a piece of furniture whose dimensions correspond to the height of your seat: a low piece of furniture, such as a TV table, if your seat is low; a tall cabinet or a wall mount if your sofa seat is high.

What design for a TV cabinet?

In addition to personalized decorations, a room in the house or apartment can be arranged in different ways. It can also be provided with several decorative styles. Fortunately, TV cabinets come in a multitude of models to match a specific type of decoration.

  • Interior contemporary style, there are many models of designer tv furniture;
  • Apartment in the loft spirit, an industrial TV cabinet combining wood and metal will adapt perfectly to the atmosphere;
  • Nordic decoration, a Scandinavian TV cabinet in drink of tender colors will complete the decoration.

And the storage?

A television can be synchronized with other devices such as a computer, or be plugged into a video game console and DVD player, for example. All these peripherals are connected to the device by a wired system. To camouflage the unsightly threads distorting the decoration, it is more judicious to opt for a TV cabinet equipped with cable gland. Furniture equipped with several drawers of storage are also interesting. These compartments can accommodate remote controls, boxes, DVDs, decoders or amplifiers. Some also offer glass doors, niches or some sliding doors which play not only on the practical side, but also on aesthetics. There are also modular TV units that easily adapt to small rooms.

Wall-mounted TV cabinet

What style for a TV cabinet?

TV units are available in several styles to suit all decorative desires. The block-shaped piece of furniture that is discreet and functional is the most classic and sleek model. This simple unit easily finds its place in a bedroom or in a small space. It is generally suitable for small size TVs.

The designer TV furniture stand out for their original composition. Indeed, the majority of models appearing in this category offer furniture with curved lines, asymmetrical shapes and / or daring colors. For even more modernity, some TV units are equipped with LEDs which bring a modern touch to the interior decoration.

Practical and decorative, wall mounted tv furniture allow you to dress an entire wall in a simple and refined way. Incorporating open parts ideal for placing decorative objects, books or photo frames, this interior equipment also offers a space to integrate the television. In general, drawers and other closed compartments are placed at the bottom of the cabinet.

There are also TV units on casters, TV corner units. These pieces of furniture are ideal for small rooms. You can move your furniture as you wish and position it in a corner of your space.

TV cabinet on a chest of drawers

What material for a TV cabinet?

In addition to design and functionality, the material can also influence the choice of a TV cabinet. The versions bi-material are generally intended for interiors with industrial decor. They often combine wood, a natural material, and metal, which is a harder material. You can opt for solid wood such as pine, walnut, beech or even acacia.

Furniture in glass and the lacquered finishes blend harmoniously into a contemporary living room. It is also possible to opt for a combination of these two materials for a modern and original rendering.

If the room breathes nature, a Zen atmosphere or a bucolic atmosphere, it is advisable to choose a TV cabinet in drink. The wood or gray wood finishes are ideal in a country decor while the dark versions bring a modern note to a Zen interior. You can paint your wooden TV cabinet according to the colors and the atmosphere of your home. There are light oak and even gray oak.

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