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Create your mood board for a decoration project

Term from English literally meaning “mood board”, also called mood board or trend board, the mood board compiles inspiring elements to start a decoration project. Materials, shapes, colors, textures… all these selection criteria are taken into account to carry out your interior decoration project. So, how do you create a decorative mood board that looks like you? Advice.

What is a decorative mood board?

The mood board is an often graphic document used to carry out a design project. In general, the mood board consists of one or more elements, including a photomontage, samples of materials or colors as well as drawings and sketches.

Concretely, the trend board consists of:

  • Present samples of materials or colors that will be used to carry out a decorative project;
  • Assemble, compare, create decoration ideas;
  • Analyze the feasibility rate of a decoration project;
  • Set up a set of items which will then be inserted into a catalog;
  • Design sketches, plans and graphics related to the decoration project;
  • Write texts allowing easy manufacture of the products essential to the realization of the project in question.

The mood board is also very practical for the design of products such as wallpaper, furniture or ready-to-wear. For example, it allows interior designers to present an illustration of their inspirations and their work.

example of a mood board pinned to a wall

Paper or digital mood board: what to choose?

The process of making a decorative mood board is not difficult. First of all, you have to choose between the paper model or digital.

The digital or digital mood board

There is a huge selection of online tools that allow you to digitally create a mood board. Here are some sites that will allow you to create an inspiring decorative atmosphere board:


This tool uses images previously uploaded to the app. Once the loading is complete, all that remains is to organize the photographs into several folders. SampleBoard allows you to import images collected on documents. It can also be used to share photos collected on social networks, including Facebook and Instagram. Easy to use and intuitive, this tool is a good way to design professional mood boards.


This American online platform allows you to sort the images of other Internet users’ boards and to design a new collection of photographs by pinning them in your own profile. By classifying the photos by topic, Pinterest facilitates research.


Although it was not made for creating mood boards, Mural makes it easy to import images. This tool also provides its users with different types of collaborative features : chat, changes made by employees … With Mural, the user starts from a whiteboard that offers maximum freedom when arranging photos.


Developed by the American Photo Agency and Image Bank Getty Images, this tool allows you to easily adjust the photographs during searches. It also provides very detailed filters to optimize search results. Giving precise details on orientation, style or even geographical position, Moodstream allows its users not to waste time with images that do not interest them.


Accessible on Windows and Mac, TurboCollage is perfect for creating original mood boards. Indeed, this tool offers different graphic models or useful templates to create and personalize images according to the taste of each one. Once completed, the mood boards can be exported in various formats. It is also possible to print the photos directly via the application.


It is also possible to work in Photoshop to create your own mood board. Indeed, this application allows you to create a visual identity. You can add graphic elements, design your own graphic layout.

The paper mood board

People who like to do things with their own hands most often prefer “old-fashioned” mood boards in paper format. To create a paper mood board, all you need to do is use foam cardboard, then glue the materials and images onto it. The idea is to draw inspiration from newspapers, old books, magazines,… It is also possible to collect materials in shops dedicated to arts and creative hobbies or in textile stores. The graphic prints found in these stores allow you to project yourself in touch.

creation of a moodboard credit: pexels - cottonbro

What are the design methods for a decorative mood board?

The techniques used to make original decorative mood boards may vary depending on the processes chosen by each designer.

Applying labels

This method describes the supplier, the type of material, the possible price of furniture, accessories or essential objects to achieve the interior decoration.

CAD or computer-aided design

We recommend the use of the aforementioned image software for this category of production. To appear at the desired scale, photos must undergo a number of format modifications. They can also be reversed or multiplied.

Paper and cardboard

Collage supports is essential for the production of paper mood boards. They can be textured, satin, baryta (glossy and smooth photo paper) or even glossy.


This technique requires the user to glue a sample of textile, material or coating onto the decorative mood board. This method is used in order to add a more tactile aspect.


Scanning can be used for the purpose of partially or fully viewing a photo. The colors of the visual can be changed to better harmonize the colorization of the decorative mood board.

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