fleur pour balcon à l'ombre

Which plants to choose for an outdoor shade?

Having a garden or a balcony is the dream of any owner or tenant. But the sunshine is not always optimal, despite the beautiful summer days. While most plants require good exposure to flower and flourish, some are particularly good in shade.

Partially shaded terrace : which plants to choose?

For a terrace alternating sun and shade, several types of plants and shrubs can be recommended:

Fuchsia, the perfect plant

This flowering plant has thousands of hybrids, the most dominant colors of which are purple, pink, red, and white. It also has multiple combinations, which can be semi-hanging, cascade, tuft or stem. Fuchsia particularly appreciates freshness. It is advisable to water it in small quantities, but regularly, either 2 to 4 times per week depending on the climate.


Impatiens, also called balsamines, seduce with their bushy foliage as well as their multiple colors, whether bicolour or monochrome. Floriferous, they usually flower from the May, until October. They are ideal species to put in pots and on balconies. It is advisable to take the plants outside from spring until the end of summer.

Begonias, cool plants for the balcony

To play the leafy card, bet on the Begonia Rex with harmonious foliage embellished with pretty colorful patterns. Want a more rustic look? The Begonia Grandis has it all.

Climbing hydrangea

The climbing hydrangea is a rustic plant, finding its place perfectly in the shade. It is appreciated for its beautiful white and generous bloom, perfect for lining a wall or a surface facing north. This plant is particularly fond of neutral floors, even slightly limestone. Easy to live with and robust, it withstands negative temperatures down to – 25 ° C.

Winter jasmine

Winter jasmine or Jasminum Nudiflorum is a climbing plant that blooms throughout the winter. It is generally used to dress arbors, walls, cover the trunks of dead trees or line the ground. It fits perfectly into a well-drained soil. Jasmine likes semi-shaded locations, with nevertheless a little exposure to the sun for the blooming of the flowers.

The little periwinkle

As the name suggests, this fast-growing plant is less imposing than the greater periwinkle. It represents the ideal formula for having a ground cover in partial shade or in the shade. In spring, it forms a dense carpet of small flowers with periwinkle blue hues. Easy to grow, this one does best in limestone, light and cool.

The medium bamboo

This plant stands out for its ebony black culms and lustrous dark green foliage. It prefers locations sheltered from the wind and in partial shade. For its planting, the end of summer and autumn are the ideal times. Remember to space the feet 1 m apart to allow the formation of a hedge.

Horned violets

Often confused with thought, horned violets sometimes behave like a perennial, notably reseeding themselves. Usually used as a ground cover or mixed with bulbs in early spring, these plants thrive most in ordinary floors and do not require any special care.

The campanula of the walls

Persistent and carpeted, this bellflower blooms from May, giving beautiful starry bells in an intense purple-purple color. It is a robust species with an assured decorative effect. This plant thrives in fresh soils, perfectly drained, with a slightly sunny or partial shade exposure. It is also possible to use it to adorn a low wall, garnish a rockery or simply in the foreground of a massif.

Perennial geranium

This perennial plant from Europe is appreciated for its ease of maintenance. It is also known for its incessant flowering, especially from June to August. It gives elegant and fine flowers, light pink in color. Geranium also stands out with lustrous light green cut foliage, forming a loose, creeping cushion. It thrives in draining and humus soil and is used as ground cover among other things. Prefer to grow them in a humus-rich soil, sandy and limestone.

Fully shaded terrace: which plants to choose?

Without a shadow of a doubt, this terrace will never be sunny again. Do not panic ! The hope of a flowery exterior is not entirely lost. Indeed, some plants and shrubs are exclusively fond of shade:

  • The Liriope: particularly appreciating the cold and the shade, this plant embellishes the terraces while improving the flavors of our plates. It thrives more in a slightly humid, even dry and not very acidic soil. The Earth known as of heather is excellent for planting.
  • In the presence of cool soils, favor the Mahonia, usually flowering from January to April. It can be recognized by its evergreen and ornamental foliage as well as its marked graphic shape. These plants prefer sandy soils, slightly acidic, even neutral.
  • the ivy and the periwinkle require little maintenance, perfect for those who don’t have the time on a daily basis.
  • With their winter blooms and delicate scent, the varieties ofOsmanthus, as the Bergenia and the Sarcococca are perfectly suited to shaded terraces. If space does not allow planting in the ground, it is possible to grow them in pots.

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