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High-tech beauty equipment for the bathroom

The bathroom has become a living room in its own right in recent years. It is therefore not surprising that dedicated technologies are developing. The time spent in this room increases more and more over the years, so high-tech devices have been developed to improve moments of well-being, facilitate daily hygiene and save us time. Zoom on high-tech beauty equipment for the bathroom.

With the ionic brush, the bathroom becomes your hairdressing salon

Perfect combination between the traditional brush and the straightening iron, the ionic brush allows to obtain a smooth and disciplined hair in one movement. This connected equipment works mainly thanks to the heat it generates at its heating rods. Depending on the model, the latter can measure only about twenty millimeters. The heating pins and the rods are then responsible for diffusing a significant intensity of heat varying between 150 and 230 ° C. It is therefore important to use appropriate care and products in parallel to prevent wear and tear on the hair.

In addition, the rods of this ionic straightening brush have a ceramic or tourmaline coating to protect the hair from static electricity.

Easy to use, the straightening brush is very practical. Indeed, this accessory can give hair fibers a more stylish and glamorous look. This high-tech equipment adapts to all hairstyles: curly hair, with soft waves or with volume… It is the new trendy brush for the bathroom.

Hair straightener

The connected scale or impedance meter

The impedance meter scale is mainly intended for people who want to lose weight. At first glance, it makes it possible to control whether a diet is necessary or not. Then, during the diet, it follows the user and informs him of his progress: fat loss, water retention or muscle building. This balance thus helps to find the right diet.

>> Note: this type of scale is not recommended for individuals wearing a pacemaker, as well as pregnant women. Thanks to the small contacts that it carries, the connected bathroom scale diffuses a very low intensity of electric current in the body.

The rate of fat mass varies according to age and sex:

  • For women: the average fat mass rate varies between 20 and 35%;
  • For men: the average fat mass rate varies from 10 to 25%.

Several criteria should be taken into consideration when purchasing a connected scale, including:

  • The operating mode: the impedance meter scale works on mains lead or battery;
  • Memory: this option allows user data to be saved;
  • The range: this is the maximum weight that the scale can support;
  • Accuracy: In general, a connected scale is accurate to within 100 g.
Connected scale

Vibrating or LED eye contour pens

Nothing like the anti-aging eye contour pen for a more radiant and younger look. It massages the eye area and reduces puffiness thanks to the small vibrations it emits. It works using a light Red led, renowned for its anti-aging properties:

  • Stimulation of collagen;
  • Concealment of crow’s feet wrinkles;
  • Smoothing fine lines.

Simple and pleasant to use, the eye contour pens have been designed to facilitate the skincare routine. Goodbye cosmetic products to have a young and rested look! Indeed, this little wonder alone represents a complete care.

In addition, this device has a compact design, convenient to slip easily both in a suitcase or in a handbag, which can be used as easily in the office as when traveling.

Anti-wrinkle devices take place in the bathroom

Step out of your bathroom younger. Today, there is a wide range of high performance anti-wrinkle devices on the market. In institute or at home, it is possible to benefit from the virtuous effects of these devices. Equipped with one or many technologies, these devices operate according to several processes:

  • The reshaping massages;
  • Thermal energy;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Oxygenation;
  • Light therapy;
  • Electrostimulation.

Facial massage equipment is, among other things, a good alternative to replace care creams that clutter up the bathroom shelf. In some cases, their use can even avoid resorting to cosmetic surgery. The other advantage of anti-wrinkle devices is that they act on the causes of old age in order to permanently fight the signs of aging, without fear of the “boomerang effect” caused by anti-aging creams. In addition to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, these devices help to reshape the contours of the face. Without forgetting that the complexion takes the opportunity to regain its radiance.

Connected mirrors

Today, finding smart mirror models on the market has become child’s play. A true gadget at the cutting edge of technology, connected mirrors retain the basic functions of a classic model and allow different tasks to be performed simultaneously. Some connected mirrors are for example equipped with integrated lighting in your bathroom. The latter can be adjusted to perform makeup in optimal comfort.

Generally, all connected mirror models allow their user to access YouTube and social networks like Facebook or Instagram. They also provide information on road traffic, horoscopes or the weather. This high-tech product is also equipped with an automatic demisting system for better ease of use.

With a connected and smart mirror, going to the bathroom becomes child’s play!

Connected bathroom mirror

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