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Mattress protection: covers and mattresses

It is always established as a main objective that any object or furniture can last over time. Therefore, careful maintenance is essential, but it is just as effective to provide suitable protection systems. It is the same for the mattress. Focus on the accessories and covers to provide in order to guarantee total protection of the mattress.

Use the mattress pad or cover to protect the mattress

The draw sheet is one of the necessary items of equipment to ensure optimal protection for your mattress. THE’mattress comes in two forms:

  • Tray that only covers the surface of the mattress;
  • Cover that protects better and facilitates maintenance.

Regarding the material of manufacture, the mattress covers are waterproof. This accessory can be in:

  • PVC : optimization of security and anti-perspiration;
  • Cotton jersey or fleece: more breathable and flexible.

>> Good to know: PVC mattress pads are less pleasant to the touch and emit rubbing noises. In addition, this material prevents the mattress from breathing while protecting it against stains and humidity. As for the cotton mattress pads, they are to be cleaned and machine washed at 95 ° C. The pure cotton waterproof mattress protector is washable and remains the most comfortable. There are also disposable mattress pads.

The cover – or mattress cover – is also an effective way to protect and optimize the lifespan of the mattress. In this sense, this accessory is useful for:

  • Prevent the development of bad odors, mites or bacteria;
  • Protect the mattress against stains;
  • Absorb moisture like sweating;
  • Guarantee easier cleaning;
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle for people with one or more allergies.

>> Good to know: in one night, the human body can lose 1L of perspiration, which confirms the usefulness of having a cover in order to protect the mattress against this accumulation of humidity.

Finally, the materials affected by the design of mattress protectors are:

  • Fleece: 100% cotton, best in the hot season;
  • The sponge: a mixture of cotton and polyester, ideal in the cold season;
  • Jersey: most often cotton, flexible, light, stretchy;
  • The terrycloth: 100% cotton.

In the market, the mattress protector comes in various forms, including:

  • Fitted sheet: elastic corners, easy to put on and take off, without wrinkles;
  • Top: flat side of sheet that does not encompass the edges and corners;
  • Mattress cover or renovation: protection of the entire mattress.

As for themattress protector maintenance, it is essential to take care of it regularly for hygienic reasons. It is therefore recommended to have additional protection when the first is being cleaned. Finally, it is easier to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers, depending on the models chosen.

They are available in all sizes and for each type of bed (child’s bed, sofa bed, etc.):

  • Cradle
  • 90 × 190
  • 140 × 190
  • 140 × 200
  • 160 × 200
  • 180 × 200
  • etc …

Mattress protection: why choose a mattress topper?

the mattress topper is also a much more practical than essential bedding equipment. It is placed between the mattress and the fitted sheet in order to be able to fulfill its primary functions, including:

  • Hygienic sleeping protection through good ventilation;
  • Optimization of comfort;
  • The ability to adapt according to the needs of its user.

In terms of filling, the mattress topper is made up of:

  • Feathers, feathers;
  • Natural swelling fibers (wool, bamboo, wood, corn, etc.);
  • Synthetic swelling fibers (polyester);
  • Mousse

Generally, this accessory is:

  • Fixed with elastic bands;
  • Easily detachable and cleanable;
  • Provides softness when the mattress is too hard;
  • An accessory designed to compensate for a lack of firmness in the mattress.

In other words, the mattress topper helps optimize the life of the mattress.

There are many models present on the market, including the mattress topper:

  • Heating: to heat the bed in a targeted manner or over its entire surface;
  • Air-conditioned: to regulate the temperature of the mattress from 18 to 35 ° C, in order to reduce perspiration, fight against dust mites, relieve certain pains, etc.

>> Good to know : the mattress topper is presented on the market at prices between 20 and more than 250 euros, depending on the model. The heated mattress topper is between 20 to 100 euros, while the air-conditioned model is available from 300 to 500 euros around. The topper can also offer memory foam for even more comfort.

mattress topper

What are the right reflexes to protect the mattress?

Despite the different types of protection that exist, it is essential to adopt a few daily gestures also allowing to optimize the lifespan of the mattress:

1- Ventilate the room on a daily basis: a good ventilation of the room allows you to renew the air and ventilate the entire room. It only takes 5 minutes, at a minimum, for the mattress to breathe and to remove dust mites.

2- Avoid making the bed as soon as you wake up: making your bed as soon as you leave it is a bad reflex. Indeed, it is important to:

  • Allow time for the sheets to breathe;
  • Bring in natural light;
  • Evacuate moisture.

3- Vacuum the mattress on a recurring basis: when renewing the bed linen or when cleaning time has arrived, in order to effectively fight against the overgrowth of insects or fungi at the level of the mattress, between the slats of the box spring and under the bed.

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