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Toy box: models, tips, materials

In fabric, plastic or wood, the toy box is an accessible and functional storage space. Installed in the bedroom or in the playroom, it can store all the little treasures of children. It also makes it possible to complete the decoration. What criteria should be taken into account when purchasing?

Toy box: safety first

An essential element of a child’s room, it must meet certain safety standards in order to avoid domestic accidents. So this storage cabinet must above all have a closure suitable for handling children. For toddlers, it is possible to choose a flexible model. Large bags and storage bins are suitable to meet this need.

The plastic models are also available in a version with a clip-on or sliding cover. Regarding the wooden toy box, a stop system is necessary to avoid problems. It can be, for example, a sliding system or a rubber stopper.

Toy boxes are available with or without wheels. In this second case, it is necessary to check the stability and the locking system of the wheels of the model, in order to avoid any tilting or uncontrolled skidding.

old trunk toy box

Which design to choose for a toy box?

A true decorative accessory, it completes the child’s room. In order to participate in the harmony in this room, there are many models and designs on the market. Apart from the questions of dimensions, the choice is made according to the tastes of each one and the age of the child: fancy or classic.

The classic models can also be used over time and fulfill new functions during their lifetime. The fancy models as for them bring a much more personal touch to the room. There are trunks with the effigy of children’s superheroes such as the Snow Queen, Cars, Paw Patrol, Winnie the Pooh or Peppa Pig. Some models adopt original shapes such as Lego storage boxes, or boxes in the shape of a bear, an elephant, a butterfly, a whale, a lion …

Colors and patterns for a trendy toy box

Colors and patterns contribute to the design and attractiveness of a toy box. Neutral shades, in gray or white, make it easy to blend in with any type of decoration. Light colors, such as pastels, are also versatile and adapt perfectly to children’s rooms. The colorful models, for their part, bring dynamism to the decoration. All the more so when they match the rest of the furniture.

Which model of toy box to choose?

Trendy decorative and storage object, there are many models on the market. Small overview of the most common:

The wooden toy box

A true bestseller, the main advantage of the wooden toy box is its strength. The most used species of wood to make this storage trunk is pine. Equipped with a cover, it can also be used as a seat without fear of the weight of the child. Its retro effect is very popular, which makes it the most sought-after model.

wooden toy box

The wicker toy box

Lightweight, aesthetic and versatile, this model is perfect for a natural and country decorating style. Less solid than wooden models, it also gets dirty more easily. Time left aside, wicker is making a comeback in decorating trends.

The plastic toy box

Plastic boxes are versatile storage, available in many models and sizes on the market. In addition to being easy to handle and clean, they are also easy to customize.

The toy box on wheels

The toy chests with wheels are equipped with a handle and brakes. Whatever their material, it is also possible to fix casters yourself on models that are not initially fitted with them. Easy to move, it is however necessary to ensure safety.

The fabric toy box or polyester

Looking for an easy to carry toy box? The fabric model is practical and light. Foldable, it is also very easy to set up, take down and store away. It is sometimes equipped with a zipper.

The chest bench

This storage cabinet can play a dual function, as it can serve as a toy box and bench. It adapts easily to narrow spaces while allowing them to be optimized.

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