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Why is the vintage sideboard still a trendy piece of furniture?

The buffet row returns to the front of the stage and gradually finds the interiors. This piece of furniture, inspired by models from the 1950s, comes in various shapes to add character to the living room. Vintage, Scandinavian or Italian, qhat may be the style you are looking for, here are some avenues to follow to find that rare pearl.

A row: essential furniture

Sideboard white
Sideboard white row – Maisons du Monde

THE’row is one of the deco hits of recent years. This sober and functional sideboard is made up of three basic elements: three consecutive or sliding doors, two doors and a column of drawers.


The criteria for choosing a row buffet

The row buffet is a centerpiece of the dining room and the kitchen. It also finds its place in the living room for additional storage. Faced with the different models offered, here are some criteria to take into account to choose the one corresponding to your needs.

Discover our selection of trendy row buffets at Tikamoon:

  • Usage : a Scandinavian sideboard with closed doors is best to contain the dishes. A model with an open compartment, without a door or a display case, can do the trick in the living room to display trinkets.
  • The dimensions : it is important to measure the available space before finalizing your purchase of vintage sideboard. If there is enough room, a 180 cm or 200 cm wide model is fine. Thanks to its generous proportions, it offers many storage possibilities. The large top can be used as a display for various decorative items.
  • The style : it depends on individual tastes and preferences, but also on the desired atmosphere. Still, wood is essential in a Scandinavian-style interior decoration. Light wood is intended to be warm. Thanks to its neutral color, it goes well with all styles of decoration. It is possible to set your sights on a row buffet with colored facades to bring a touch of modernity to its interior. For a change, a model with drawers in green infuses a jungle spirit, far from the Scandinavian universe. A row of furniture with doors of different colors promises a tonic decor that will energize the interior.
  • Tidying up : a sideboard is above all appreciated for its functional side. In order to benefit from a large storage space to accommodate crockery and table linen, there is nothing like a model with two or three sliding doors and three or four drawers.

How to enhance your buffet enfilade?

Scandinavian sideboard buffet
Scandinavian sideboard buffet – La Redoute Intérieurs

Those who love to think outside the box and aficionados of vintage style will succumb to the charm of therow Scandinavian. This characterful piece of furniture is a must in the dining room. Crockery and table linen are discreetly stored behind hinged or sliding doors.

In order to highlight its vintage sideboard, here are three foolproof tips:

  • Place and suspend a few green plants above the tray for a harmonious rendering;
  • Create a wall of frames;
  • Put a retro vinyl turntable and some plants on the set and hang posters on the wall for a successful combo.

Some models to inspire you

Purists swear byScandinavian sideboard from the 50s to the 70s. This model is recognizable by its light wood, sliding doors and compass feet. In the absence of real vintage pieces, new furniture designed in the same spirit is perfectly suitable.

Sideboard with hinged doors
Sideboard with hinged doors – Red edition
  • Teak sideboard : it comes in different models, some with four columns and drawers for optimal storage space.
  • Sideboard with hinged doors : in the dining room or the kitchen, nothing like a sideboard with hinged doors to accommodate crockery or household linen. Solid oak furniture will be perfect in a large room.
  • Sideboard with metal legs : the tips of the oblique legs of the furniture are dressed in metal which harmonizes perfectly with an industrial or Scandinavian interior. It is the model par excellence for those looking for furniture that combines elegance, lightness and design. To optimize storage, why not go for a row buffet with two sliding doors and a hinged door that open onto interchangeable drawers?
  • Sideboard in wood and brass : A pledge of elegance, the vintage sideboard with brass feet is sure to appeal to those looking for a vintage sideboard that stands out for its refinement to enhance their interior. Aside from the bases, brass is also found in small touches on the handles.
  • Heathered sideboard : for aficionados, a mottled scandinavian sideboard is the must. Apart from flea markets and flea markets, it is possible to find them on dedicated sites. A few clicks are all it takes to find a second-hand piece of furniture!
Small sideboard in wood and wicker
Small vintage sideboard that can be found in a flea market – Decoclico

Contrary to popular belief, a row buffet can be both retro and modern. For example, it can be inspired by the Nordic style of the 50s, with clean lines, minimalist design and compass feet, but complemented by graphic sliding doors that are sure to get noticed. The most important thing is to choose a model in harmony with the decoration.

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