23 houseplants that thrive in a shaded interior

Houseplants generally thrive in a sufficiently bright environment. However, even if the light input is low, greenery enthusiasts are not left out thanks to the species capable of thriving in the shade. Ferns, pilea or calathea, the choices are multiple and vary according to needs and preferences. Here is a guide to shade plants. Calathea …

Miroir vénitien

Why go hunting for a Venetian mirror in flea markets for your decoration?

the mirror is a decorative element both aesthetic and practical. For a decor that lacks character, what better way than to introduce the majestic beauty of a venetian mirror? Stemming from the famous artistic creations of yesteryear, lovers of luxury have succumbed to its charm, and this charm has not yet been broken. Venetian mirror …

couleurs sombres

Tips for a successful decor with dark colors

Rare are those who dare dark colors in their decor. Often associated with sobriety, they have the bad reputation of tarnishing the mood or downplaying a room. Yet, with the right foundations, they prove to be flattering, elegant and sumptuous. Some tips for a successful decor with dark colors. The originality of dark colors When …

Kintsugi Seletti

What is kintsugi the Japanese repair technique

The art of kintsugi is to repair a broken object by gluing the pieces together and highlighting the joints with gold powder. The contemporary decoration was inspired by this technique to sublimate the objects, but also the interiors. Overview of the essentials to know about this Japanese repair technique. Update on Japanese kintsugi The kintsugi …

Les lois à connaître pour l'installation d'un abri de jardin chez soi

Garden shed or chalet: what does the law say?

Storage of gardening tools, real living room, workshop … A garden shed or chalet has many functions! But beware, its construction is subject to regulations dictated by the town planning code and sometimes even to a development tax which must be read before any installation. What are the town planning regulations to know before building …