All About Air Conditioning Repair

One thing you you never want to find out after the AC repair guy gets there is that you need a new AC.  As you should know, they are a big repair. A lot of us are informed consistently that we need  a new system central air system, but really lack the experience to know definitely. So, instead of having all your reliance in an ”expert”, who may simply want the commission of a big purchase, you might prepare yourself by learning a little bit about your air conditionner to know if it is on the way out. In a state like Arizona, that can get very hot, often a central unit will break on one of the hottest days when it is pushed to the max. Next thing that happens, you’re faced with an expected major expense.


If you didn’t purchase your existing air conditioner in your house,  you should try to determine its age. Any A/C unit that is over 10 years of age is probably experiencing its last years and is more than likely costing you money – caused by its loss in efficiency. In fact, if you are worried IF it will break, you should be curious WHEN it will break. If you seriously want to extend the life of the unit, it should be properly maintained. If you are not sure about the age of the unit, you need to find the serial number and give the manufacturer of the unit a call.

The coil is a primary component of the your air conditioning system. Since the job of the coil to extract humidity, an old coil will render your house more humid. Instead of feeling cold, like the average AC units would make you feel, your home will feel clammy.  Another clue that your evaporator is defective is they commonly freeze up or attract mold.


Kind of like a coil system that does not function as good with age, an older unit is subject to SEER (seasonal energy efficiency). For each level of SEER that is decreased, approximately 10% overall effectiveness is lost. If you notice that your power bill costs are increasing and you have ruled out other possibilities, then there is a good chance that your old air conditioner needs replacing soon. Air conditioners won’t last for a forever. At the time of your your next A/C maintenance, it would be prudent to reach out to a well-known and experienced local company. Get familiar with the three subjects we have talked about so that you will know that the tech is not attempting to sell you something that isn’t required.


As you may know AC’s are not manufactured to last forever. Before you schedule your next AC maintenance, you should contract an expert air conditioning company in the area and get advice. But before you do that, remember what we talked about in order that you will know for sure what is actually necessary.


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